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Sheet Music

Music is…IMHO, universal.

For some, it is just something going on in the background, a pleasant (or for some unpleasant) distraction. It is ambient noise so you feel normal while chatting with someone new at a bar, club or social gathering.
For others, it is a way of life that you can’t be without and each song you hear becomes added to the ever changing and moving “Soundtrack Of Your Life”. Either way, we all make a conscious or unconscious decision about music.

We either listen to it like an 80’s car factory robot going through the motions or hear it as living, breathing, like-minded individuals with thoughts, hopes, dreams and passion. This why I feel it is universal. No matter what, it is part of everyone’s life in some way, shape or form. Music, regardless of genre, has a flow that gives and takes like waves to the shore and allows for sampling, crossovers, interpolations, mash ups, etc.

With all this said, no matter which group you belong to, I welcome you to The SoulReservoir.

Once I started to envision what I would start a blog about, I did a little research in my neighborhood and asked a just turned 20 yr old if they would be interested in turning on a PC or Mac, opening a browser, typing in this address and actually reading my musings about music. Here’s is a transcript of the conversation:

20 yr old: “Is this the first…uh…what’s it called? …oh yeah…first Blog about music on the net?”

Square: “Nah, there are more than five handfuls on the Net. I read a few on a regular basis like umm…Soulbounce, RappersIKnow and Resurgence of the Soul Sample.”

20 yr old: “So…are you just going to be blogging about old a$$ music that I could care less about? I mean, I just be into the beats anyway… unless it’s Wayne or Jeezy. Why should I care about where the dayum samples came from? As long as it bangs in my truck and it make them hoez wanna dance to it, why does the sh!t you talkin’ bout even matter?”

Square: “Naw…that’s not all it’s gonna be about. I mean, I will incorporate today’s hits into the blog if for nothing more than just to show that there are very few producers that create a song from scratch these days. The majority of recent music has been sampled from another artists work in some way shape or form and I want to show where it originally came from and the creativity behind it by listening to it from the ground up.”

20 yr old: “Well…what exactly are you trying to focus on? Is it just gonna be about how y’all old heads say music sucks now? Cause if your gonna start talkin’ sh!t bout Lil Wayne and them I’m not reading the sh!t! Y’all old n!99az be killin’ me with that! sh!t”

*Thought to myself*
“First off, calm down and don’t be such a Stan about Wayne and other cats like that!”
*What I really said

Square: Now, I won’t say that I will completely censor myself about him or any other artist in that err…genre, category, niche? whatever…but I would rather talk about the origins of the song samples, what parts were sampled, etc. I want it to be about songs we have never heard to ones we have grown up with, to ones that are daily being created and played on the radio and other media sources. I’m looking for this this to be an initiative to bring to light the songs that get cleared for sampling, the artists that use those samples to create new fresh, innovative music and reviews of all that encompasses the subject so if you aren’t aware you can’t say you don’t have a place to get the info.”

20 yr old
: “So you just gonna post a bunch of links from one of them upload sites? Cause my n!99a Mook, he get all the new sh!t first anyway and I can get all that sh!t from him.”

Square: “Look, I will be posting links to all the songs that I find but I will be doing it in a different way, so that downloads are easier. I want it to be more of a “Ohhhhhh, that’s the song they sampled for such and such and you click the link and it downloads without having to wait for another page to open and then countdown before you get a link to the actual download because you don’t have an account for that site. Trust me you will like it better.”

The conversation ended abruptly when his girl started screaming at him go to the corner store and get a berry blunt to roll something up, but thats another story. He did leave me with this before he left 

20 yr old
“Aight, I might take a look at it, but if the sh!t wack you know I’mma tell you when I see you Square.”

After that conversation, I hope you now see why I feel this site may be needed. There is more to music than the things he described as his only motivations for listening to a song.

Alright…enough with the intro! As time passes and more people get involved, hopefully more content and writing contributors, (if you get a call or text from me, please agree to do it) I have hopes the site will grow and all that jazz…Oh, almost forgot here is the first in a series of samplers for you. I will be adding these to each Fresh Waterz post for download to keep ya head noddin’.


TSRsampler # 1 Tracklisting:

Robin Thicke – “You’re Like a Baby
9th Wonder & Buckshot feat. Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods – “Hold it Down
Raphael Saddiq – “100 Yard Dash
Medina Green & Mos Def – “Crosstown Beef
Ciara – “Echo
Busta Rhymes – “Packin’ Them Thangs
Chaz – “By My Side
Skyzoo – “Way To Go

Download: TSRsampler #


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