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Nostalgia-ficate yourself with Zo! and Tigallo


Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80’s

Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80’s

Ok…it’s a known fact I love music of almost any variety. What is not well known is that I am a self described “Nostalgialist”. If that isn’t a word…then I just made it one. In fact the spell checker just screamed at me for creating it but IDC. If Dub-Ya can add “–ficate” to the end of sh!t then I can make up words like Jesse Jackson too! I digress…back to the topic…where was I?…oh yeah…Nostalgialist that I am when I come across something from a past gone era (the 80’s in particular, just cause it’s the most vivid for me) I tend to get a little manic. Ok, maybe that’s an understatement but you get the idea, right? From classic TV shows (Bosom Buddies, Cheers, Perfect Strangers, etc.) to clothing (Shell Toe Adidas, Members Only Jackets, Acid Washed Jeans with the tight fold over and roll twice cuffs) and of course 80’s music.

There was just something about the music…carefree music that was eclectic at times with quirky wording that didn’t quite always make sense (think Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” or “Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners” which both probably did mean something, it just went over my head then) but it was fun and growing up in Asheville, NC at the time with just one or two radio stations that either played Country, Bluegrass or Rock of some sort (don’t laugh, it was traumatizing) until MTV and VH1 there wasn’t much else to listen to except my uncle’s record collections from the 70’s and Friday Night Videos which I really couldn’t stay up to watch but you know I snuck and did anyway.

Ok, where was I? I’ve gotta get used to this blog writing thing. I normally just say whatever I’m thinking or write a song. Song format is easier. I have to get used to writing my thoughts so others can follow along. Nuff said. Anyway….Fast forward to 2008 and I still harbor a love of the 80’s. So you can just imagine my excitement when one of the most impressive Emcee’s I’ve heard in the last few years decides to pull an Andre 300 and record an 80’s album. The Emcee is Phonte of Little_Brother (Wikipedia Link) fame, the album, Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80’s (MySpace Link)

Detroit-based musician Zo! and Phonte , using his moniker of Tigallo, have really done a remarkable job of taking some classics and putting a bit of a spin on them. Have they butchered them? Of course not! If anything they have given them some new life. I will be the first to say I loath a re-make if the original is not done just as good or better. So that being said, I will let you know that since I have now had my copy for the last three weeks, it is almost all I have listened to. No lie! Zo! Has really done an excellent job with the instrumentation of this album. But when your an exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist who claims the piano/keyboard as his primary instrument, but is self-taught on the bass guitar, the drums, and most recently the guitar, I guess that comes easily for you. Then you top it off with the multi-talented himself Phonte…wow! As a part of Little Brother, Phonte’s rhymes tend to be no-frills perspectives on working-class life but he has a comedic side that from day one has been seen on those albums is the form of his song intros and in-between songs skits (check Little Brother “The Minstrel Show” for this, especially the song as his other alter-ego Percy Miracles and his other-other alter ego Mr. Diggs, “Cheatin’) where he does a more than decent job of belting out a Ronald Isley and R. (NastyMan) Kelly-esque parody. So it’s a no brainer that he gives these retro classics a good work over. The thing is they aren’t cheesy by a long shot and Tigallo actually adds his own lines to a couple of the cuts that really work well with the song overall theme. Nice!

 Here’s the Tracklisting:

1 Africa

2 Take On Me

3 Steppin’ Out 2008

4 Something About You

5 I’m Only Human

6 Written All Over Your Face

7 Steppin’ Out (Trackademicks Extra Wet Like Stoney Jackson’s Curl Remix)

8 Something About You (Nicolay’s Nighty Night Quiet Storm Remix)

I recommend the whole album but especially I’m Only Human and Written All Over Your Face (you get a teaser of Zo! and Tigallo Love The 90’s at the end of the song that leaves you wanting more!)

Ok..if you aren’t convinced by now you never will be. The album is hot! So go find yourself a copy.




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