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Second Cypha


Second Cypha

Second Cypha

So here we are in the second week of the blog and I have to say I’m happy with the response in some areas and not so much in others. It’s great that I have gotten the views I have so far but I thought that I would have had more. I guess time will tell. Here I want to say thanks to those that have taken a few moments out of their busy lives to check this out and even download some of the FREE content. If this is the first time you’ve stopped by then thanks for that as well.

Another thing I want to address is the pages on the site. There are tabs at the top of the site that link to other pages with lots of content…well not lots yet but I’m getting there (work with me a little here people). That being said, the front page titled Fresh Waterz is not the only thing to read. I’ve noticed from the stats that that page has been the only one getting any views. You can click those other links for pages too. Try it…it won’t hurt. Another thing is the comments…haven’t gotten any yet but thats cool too. If you want to leave one, from what I can gather in the WP support forums you have to be a registered member of the WordPress site. I’m kind of at the mercy of the IT guys until they open that up. That shouldn’t stop you from registering and leaving one though if you feel so inclined. I have also added a lot of sites that I frequent to the Blogroll on the right hand side. These are sites that are similar to what I am doing here. Difference is they have been doing it longer. Hey, you gotta start somewhere right? Don’t hesitate to check those too though as they are very good.

Ok…moving on….there are a lot of other links on the right hand side of the page to click on. Links for tags that lead to posts and a link I put there titled DiveDeepa Reservoir 1 that leads to the first virtual hard drive of music. I’m going to put that link and any others on the DiveDeepa page to make it easier to find. Its a little light in the music part right now but it will fill up soon and I will have to create another one. Feel free to check that out right now though. There is also an archives link that will take you older posts. Ok…think that about covers that so hopefully I will see more views of the other pages now right? Right.

The Mixxed Precipitashunz page is coming along too. Working on a review and the links for you to download and enjoy that as well.  I am looking for that to be a page that gets a lot of hits. Another page to give a look at is the NuShores one. This page will be for reviews and links to new albums that fall into the spectrum just right. So if it’s new and has that certain soulful quality, I will make sure its there along with a good review for you to get acclimated before listening. Right now the one posted is for Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80’s (which I am really feeling!) But it won’t be there long cause I have a surprise planned for you guys. You know I gotta look out so keep checking back there.

So get ya read on, check out the links for the different content and thanks to vivianpage and everyone else in the forums here at WP for helping me get the audio working on the page. Check the player at the bottom to listen to this week’s TSRsampler # 2 or use the traditional link to D/L if the mood hits you. Guaranteed to like it!


TSRsampler #


TSRsampler # 2 Tracklisting:

Torae – Callin’ Me

Zo! & Tigallo – I’m Only Human

Choklate – Whenever

Anthony David – Spittin’ Game

GZA – Paper Plates

Choklate – Never Change

Nicolay & Kay – Tight Eyes

De La Soul & MF DOOM – Rock Co. Flow



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