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Evolving into a Legend


So…I’m online and logged in right, working on a review for The Foreign Exchange’s new album ” Leave It All Behind” to post later once I get a copy of it and listen to it enough to form an opinion. Through the magic of tabbed browsing, I’m also checking a couple of my regular torrent sites to “get stuff” from and guess what I came across….go ahead and guess…I’ll wait….

Ok…as if the big a$$ picture above didn’t give it away. Yep, I found it, saved it to my greedy little hard drive and promptly opened another tab to Verified the tracklisting and yep this IS IT!! Haven’t listened to it all the way through yet to get a cohesive idea of what Mr. Legend wanted to convey but the few tracks I did skim through sound pretty good.

Of course “Green Light” with Andre 3 triple 0 (Been Jammin’) is there along with the “It’s Over” track with Kanye West and the recently surfaced track with Brandy (nee’ Moesha, just in case you forgot) titled “Quickly” is there also. Sorry…it’s late and I’m trying to hurry up and get in bed.

Edit: Now that the album has officially dropped, you can cop it here:
Dead Link! Shoulda D/L’ed when you had the chance.

And yes, it has the bonus song that Mr. Legend snuck on there at the last minute to make people buy the real thing too. The streams are also still up if you have moral issues with getting good music for free. I don’t have such qualms but to each his own.

Now, tell me who looks out for ya?

Evolver Pt. 1: 

Evolver Pt. 2 :



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