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The Magic Numbah


Photo Credit: meek rgt @ Flickr

Photo Credit: meek rgt @ Flickr

Ok people, here we are in week three.

I have really been trying to create something good for folks that are either into music the way I am or are just casual listeners. Either way it is for you and I really enjoy putting it together. Question is, how much do you really think this is needed? Don’t get me wrong, I know a blog is mostly for the writer and those that read it are just getting a quick snapshot of their lives but I think this about more than that. I honestly have a compulsion to write these posts more as a way to share something I love with those that I either know or have yet to meet because once again I feel music is universal like that.
So, I used a little WP HTML magic and added a poll to this post. Do I really want to know what you think about what I’m doing here? Yes and no to be honest about it. Yes, because this is a labor of love for me and I would like for it to be useful and no because like any other human, I’m not into rejection. But at the same time, the truth will set you free. So be honest with ya boy. I have added answers to the poll but there is a space to add your own answer for those that want to be creative with their response. Alright…nuff said with the baring of my soul. Here is the poll:
Took the poll down. Only three responses. :(
On to this weeks posts.

Edit: Stupid a$$ Time Warner hit me with a charge AFTER I paid my bill, so I’m without connection at the house til next week. The posts I had planned will be POST-poned until later. I can’t sit here at work and do my job plus get as involved with a posting as I’d like so I just won’t do anything this week. Sorry folks. Blame the depression we are in.

Until then, you can keep checking out the DiveDeepa Reservoir or listen to the audios already posted. Oh and since I keep learning this about posting at WP check out the email me! link next to my A Pimp Named Slickback avatar and I moved all past posts to a new section called WetLandZ. Go there to find all of those.

Once I post new stuff I will add those to the NuShores page. I’m trying a new format since everything was little scattered before and folks still just check out the Fresh Waterz page and nothing else. Work with me people…it may be a blog but there are still pages and links that you have to click on like a regular website. Hit me up if you have questions on how to get involved with the SoulReservoir or just with anything in general about music.

As always, click the link for this week’s sampler or just listen to it.

Download: TSRsampler #


TSRsampler # 3 Tracklisting:

Nikki Jean – Sunshine
Skyzoo – Long Way to Go
Black Milk – The Matrix
Statik Selektah – For The Ladies
The Foreign Exchange – All That You Are
The Luv Bugz – Guadalupe
Idle Warship – Industry Diary


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