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Fourth Flow


Second Cypha

Week four, wow….didn’t know if I would still be doing this up til now. But glad I am. A little happier with the views this week though. Still not as many as I anticipated but we’ll work on it. Still having the issue with Time Warner so can’t really add any new posts yet. They knocked me out for a second and I don’t mean in a “GAP Band, Outstanding” kind way either. Don’t worry though. Back in business now, no thanks to Time Warner wanting to be all in my pockets further than usual. So new posts will be happening soon and once they start, I’m expecting you all to read and click and download and we’ll all be happy.

Til then, since John Legend’s new album dropped this week, I had the whole thing posted three weeks ago for streaming but no one seemed to really care, I decided to post the download link now. You can use the tags on the right that say John Legend, download, FREE, etc. or use the tab at the top for the NuShores page to get to it. If you use the NuShores tab, read some the other posts while you’re there.

Working on a new review post for an artist you may not be familiar with but should be, so if you have a sweet tooth, then you should get ready for a taste of Choklate. Not much else to say this week except that I’m still looking for anyone with extra time to help out with the blog. You could write a review, help me out with uploading music to the virtual hard drive, etc. If you interested, click the email me link next to my Pimp Named Slickback Avatar.

Oh and please people, at the risk of sounding ungrateful for the few views I do get a day, I CAN SEE the stats for which pages get viewed. If you check out the blog, there are more pages to read than just this front page. Click a link or a tab or something! If you can navigate the hell outta Facebook and MySpace, this should be simple as well. What are you trying to tell me? The blog ain’t worth reading?! Do I need to change something up?! I finally figured out how to allow comments from any and everybody without you having to login or anything, so leave one and say something!

Enjoy the rest of the week and as always, here’s this week’s soulsampler to keep you up to date with jawns you might have missed:

Download:TSRsampler #


TSR Sampler # 4 Tracklisting:

Murs – DSWG
Chrisette Michele – Forever Mine
Musiq feat Mary J. Blige – If You Leave
Kanye West – Heartless
Statik Selektah feat. Joell Ortiz, Talib Kweli & Skyzoo – For The Ladies
Zo! – Nights Over Egypt
Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pharell – Us Placers
Art Of Fresh – Forth & Back


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