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Oba-Mix Victory Download




OK…I’m too excited about the victory to even really get into a real post here. So….here’s what I’m gonna do for y’all. I’m always downloading something from some site, somewhere. I mean I still haven’t even really begun with this site and all the music I am trying to upload. I’m still just in the 60’s and 70’s music. I haven’t even gotten to the 80’s, 90’s and beyond yet, let alone the other additives I find…but I did come across a wealth of different Mixtapes and singles from Various DJ’s and Artists that have one theme in common, the New President Elect! Now, lets all pray for his success and also pray that the Secret Society doesn’t use this victory against us in the future in the guise of the NAU, the Amero and the NAFTA Superhighway.

Yeah, I know, why I gotta go and ruin a good thing right?
I’m not really. I’m more than happy for his success and I believe in the change this will bring but I DO read a lot while I’m downloading all this music. I just want everyone to think about the reality of the situation now that he is the new president. Alright, I’m going to leave that alone cause it’s a post for another time and another blog. Moving on…

Oba-Mix Victory Download Links:

DJ Green Lantern & Russell Simmons – Barack Obama (Yes We Can).zip

DJ Noodles – PSA The Closing

DJ Premier- Time 4 Change pt.

DJ Premier- Time 4 Change pt.

Singles & Presidential

I decided to upload all these Obama inspired mixes and singles and post them here for y’all to rock to and help you celebrate something that no one thought they would ever see in this lifetime. Oh, and here are a couple of the jawns to vibe to while your downloading.

The Choice Is Yours (Tasters Choice Remix) – Dres from BlackSheep

Election Night – Nas feat. John Legend and Green Lantern



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