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6th Sense


6th Sense

6th Sense

Whats up people?! I’ve got a lot to share with you and more posts to get ready, so lets get straight into this week’s new stuff here at The SoulReservoir (or TSR for short).

I know when thangs ain’t right. I keep my 3rd eye open so I know there are some things I need to tweak. Hence the post title and pic above. Plus it’s one of my fav Common tracks of all time. So, I’ve been busy this week sprucing things up and attempting to make it easier to find ALL the content here. I did some research and decided to add a couple things to the sideboard with the help of a handy dandy site, FeedBurner! They gave me a lot of good tools to add cause there were some things I was sorely lacking.

Here’s a rundown:

First, you can now subscribe to TSR by email. Just click the link and follow the instructions. Real simple. Next, you can now use RSS to get your dose of TSR at your MyYahoo account by clicking that button to the right as well. Just login, click MyYahoo, use the add feed option, copy and paste the URL for TSR ( and Bada Bing, Bada Boom! All the current posts will show up. If you are already familiar with RSS, then you can put that URL into any RSS reader and it will work too. I even added a Feed counter to the right to show how many RSS users there are so far. (Only 2 for now, but it’s a start)

Thirdly, I went to another site and I have now added BlogCatalog here.  So you can now see where my blog ranking is over there and by clicking that red button with the number in it, you can go to that site and help boost TSR’s stats. (Currently it says 35, with your help we can get higher rankings, so click and rate please) Also, at BlogCatalog there are a number of other blogs that a quite good available for a read. So make sure to do that too.

I also re-organized the BlogRoll. It now breaks the different links to other sites down into categories so you know what your about to see when you click it, which is better than the hodge-podge it was before. I found a few more to add to it too, especially Songs in the Key of Life! It’s written by the incomparable Mz. Vivrant Thang of SoulBounce fame and gets Mad Props from me!

Alright, hopefully these changes will put a little more functionality into the blog and generate more SoulReaders. 350 so far and counting! Thanks to everyone that has stopped by to read and click and download so far. Remember everything here is FREE 99! So make sure to tell ALL your friends or anyone that you know is into music and would appreciate the content here. Speaking of content, did you know that within every post here are links to other content that I add to make your reading experience better? Try clicking on one of the grayed, underlined links in any post to get either another page with more info or FREE audio downloads! Oh, and I opened the comments up so you don’t have to login or anything to leave one. I still haven’t gotten any yet on anything I’ve posted here so far. :(

Don’t forget: The SoulReservoir’s Oba-Mix Victory Downloads are still posted on the WetLandZ page and if you still haven’t gotten your taste of Choklate…what are you waiting for? Doesn’t every one have a sweet tooth? Be on the look out for a couple of other posts this week. Including one involving a review of an album you are sure to want this Christmas. No, I’m not talking about the Donny Hathaway standard (though I love the song) and I know its early but if I don’t tell you about it now, you won’t know to get it then. I also posted the 9th Wonder piece I promised you earlier in the month, so make sure to check it as well. It is literally LOADED with links to good music so don’t forget to click them all!

As always, here is the TSRsampler # 6 for this week along with the Tracklisting and the stream if you don’t do downloads but still wanna vibe to it.

TSRsampler #


TSRsampler # 6 Tracklisting:

I Can’t Get With That – Jay-Z (Classic Material!!)
Believe – Q-Tip feat. D’Angelo
Chopped N Skrewed – T-Pain feat. Ludacris (Luda is the only reason I put this here)
Pantyhose – Jesse Boykins III
House of Cards – The Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah
Conglomerate – Busta Rhymes
Playin’ To Lose – Little Brother
6th Sense – Common (More Classic Material!!)



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