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7 – 11, Then You Pick Up The Cash Flow…


Lucky # 7

Lucky # 7

A month and two weeks into the blog. Changes have been made. More changes to come. In response to some emails and forum posts, I have restructured the blog to make it easier for you to read. It came to my attention that the content here is good but no one wants to click a tab or a link to read another post. Seems most blog readers want the posts on the front page to scroll through. So be it. It has been done. To me it looks cluttered and unkempt but if you want it rough and dirty, I can surely accommodate. That being said, it still doesn’t absolve you the reader from going to the DiveDeepa Page and finding all the music I have uploaded for easy access or the FoneFlowz page where you can find 150+ Mp3 ringers for your phone. Come on, work with me some people. Its all FREE so why not take advantage?

Speaking of that, here’s a question: When you read a post are you really reading or skimming?  Here at TSR, all the posts are brimming with links to FREE music downloads and other pages with more info about a posts’ subject. If you are reading you will see them and more than likely click them. If you skim, you probably miss those and short yourself. I think Q-Tip said it best in a line from “Rap Promoter” on the ATCQ classic Low End Theory album; “Took a few shorts before / Now the only shorts I take are the ones that I wear / Ain’t takin’ no shorts no more…” Sorry for the bluntness about it but I’m tripping that no one is clicking them. Maybe free doesn’t mean what it used to anymore but given the state of the economy right now, if someone is giving it away for nothing, I tend to take advantage. Nuff said.
Moving on…

Been a little busy at TSR HQ this week with the changes, responses to emails and finding new ways to reach a broader audience. I added more music to the DiveDeepa Soul Reservoir’s also. Now there is a third link. So far there have been quite a few downloads from there but I would hate to think that the only artists you all are into are Aretha Franklin, David Ruffin and Al Green. It is set up with artists you know, but there is more than enough music you may not be familiar with too. So lets try to get out of our comfort zones a little here. You might not know who Mother’s Finest is or even 10cc but it ain’t gonna kill you to check it out is it? The three SoulReservoirs also have play options on them so you can listen to something before you download it. I can’t change that set up like I can the blog, so you will have to click something there to get it play. Sorry, it can’t all be one click, so lets have a little motivation people. I have noticed alot of clicks over at the FoneFlowz page. Glad to see that people are checking that out and getting ringers for their phones there. I will be adding more current songs to it soon. I’m also working on an About the Author page too. Seems another thing blog readers want is to know more about me and what this blog is about. I thought the blog was self explanitory and I’m no where as interesting as the music is but…. so be it. I will have that up shortly, soon as I figure out something interesting about myself to write there.

Hmmm…what else to talk about? Let’s see…I haven’t had much time to write a bunch of new posts, let alone breath or get some proper rest but I did add the OBD post here a couple nights ago. Should be the one directly under this one. Make sure to check that out to get your fix of Dirt McGirt cause anytime can be Ol’ Dirty time. Also, don’t gloss over the posts about 9th Wonder’s “Santa Claus Ain’t Real” mix and the one about Ledisi’s new “It’s Christmas” album. No it’s not X-mas yet but good music is what it is and you mos def don’t wanna miss out on this one. I for one can’t stop playing it!

Here’s the TSRsampler for this week along with the Tracklisting. I hope you enjoy it and take time to go back and check/download the other ones as well.

TSRsampler # 7 Tracklisting:

House of Love – Kindred the Family Soul
Exhibit A (Transformations) – Jay Electronica (Just Blaze production…HOT!!)
Nice to Meet You – Frank N Dank feat. Brick N Lace
Playin’ To Lose – Little Brother
Conflict (This is Your Brain on Drugs) – Sy Smith
Dreaming of Your Love – Tony Williams
Stop Playin’ – Jean Grae
Q-Tip for President – J. Period feat Q-Tip
Four Women – Reflection Eternal (A Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek Classic!!!)

TSRsampler #



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