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8 Million Stories, Auto-Tune shouldn’t be one..


FWMJ's Rappers I Know

Auto-Tune DOA! Photo Credit: FWMJ

Here we are in the phase again peeps. I’ve been mad busy these last couple of weeks. Between work and writing posts I can’t believe I got anything else done. But you know ya boy can multi-task so I handled my B.I. So..lets see..first up TSR reached 1000+ views this week. Thanks to all that have stopped by read a post or two, download all the FREE 99 they wanted and even a leave few comments. Small victory but I will mos def take it and encourage you and other to do the same.

This Week’s Rundown:

Make sure to check the post about Mr. west and his new LP. Not gonna say much here about the album. You will just have to read it to get the full gist…nuff said. Working on another post about House, Go-Go and Disco music. Wait, wait, wait. Before you groan or such nonsense, any person that claims to love music has to give props to any of these genres. Don’t believe? Wait until I post it and you’ll see. If all goes well, it will have a couple of special surprises too! I’m also working on another post displaying the skills of a newcomer to the game…Mr. Charles Hamilton. He has been on a mission lately to get heard by the masses and it’s been working as he has dropped 8+ mixtapes of his material on the net all for FREE, if you know where to look. Don’t worry, I found em all for you and will share as I always do. I will say that dude has a Sonic the Hedgehog and a SEGA fetish but everyone needs an image. I think it works for him. If you haven’t peeped any of his stuff yet make sure to download the TSRsampler for this week as one of his jawns is in the mix.
Hmm..I added even more music to the DiveDeepa SoulReservoir this week too. If you haven’t checked them out yet…you slippin’, point blank! If you have, good. Check em often as there is so much stuff there its quickly becoming ridiculous.
What else…Oh, I’ve been doing alot of “research” for y’all lately. All over the net finding new music to put together for you and yours to marinate on. I visit a large roster of sites and a good bit of them are in the blogroll. One of those happens to be FWMJ‘s site Rappers I Know. Dude started the site with a couple of his friends that are in the industry (Kay and The ARE) and he stays on the pulse of what’s hot, be it in his home state of Texas or anywhere else in Hip-Hop due to his internship work at okayplayer. Every time I check it out there is always a new post and one that caught my eye recently was called Roger Riley & Teddy Troutman – Death Of Auto-Tune.

Whether you love, tolerate (*raising hand slightly*) or uber-hate Auto-Tune you should mos def listen to this. The album is to be seen as an example of what a Vocoder may have done to some classic hip-hop jawns had it been allowed to run rampant back then, the way it is now. I think its hilarious and a overdue slap in the face to Auto-Tune over indulger’s T-Pain and most recently Kanye. Here’s a few tracks from it to give you a laugh for today:
“Heartbreak Intro”
“One More Chance”:
“Nuttin’ But A G-Thang”
“Shook Ones”
There is just no way to take the original spirit in any of those songs seriously with the Auto-Tune effect applied. Point well taken. If you want the whole album, (trust me you do) then here is the link:
Death Of

Once again, here’s the TSRsampler for the week along with the stream so you can listen while you work, browse or whatever pron-o-graphic thangs you do at your puter. Oh and it came to my attention that some may want these and other samplers as separate songs. I use a program called Album Wrapper to create these mega long mp3 files. Here’s the prog along with the Extractor to separate the songs back out to individual files: AlbumWrapper &

TSRsampler # 8 Tracklisting:

Gold Room – Spittin’ King (Hot!!)
Many Moons – Janelle Monae
The Verdict – K-Hill
Four Men – King Coz feat. Tanya Morgan & Kay
Progress Report – Von Pea feat. Donwill
Next Best Thing – Divine Brown
BK Girls – Charles Hamilton (Hot!!)
Soweto ’76-’06 – Joy Denalane
Big Screen – GLC feat. Kanye West (Not too much Auto-Tune…this time!)
Computer Love – Ghostface Killah (Hot!!)
Let It Bang – Skyzoo feat. Ness
Life In Marvelous Times – Mos Def (Hot!!)
Will I Stay – Colin Munroe
Scatterbrain – Muhsinah
Self Love – Jaguar Wright (Overlooked Instant Vintage!!)


TSRsampler # 8

TSRsampler #

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  1. 12/15/2008 00:03

    Auto tune is like any sort of studio gimmickary, it should be used sparingly. I’m not that big of a hip hop fan, but I hope it’s incessant use is the same as Puffy or Diddy or P. Diddy or whatever he calls himself these days’ use of the heavily sampled remakes of 80s tunes about ten years ago: a passing fad.

    Every few years in all styles of music someone has to come along and take it back to its roots: one mic, one beat, yadda yadda. I’d love for that to rear it’s head.

    God, I could go for hearing that Nas tune right now.

    • 03/25/2009 20:27

      +1 For hearing the Nas song right now.
      I agree with you about the use of Auto-Tune and it’s “studio gimmickary”. The thing that people don’t understand is that Auto-Tune is not the same as Vocoder.
      Vocoder is an actual instrument that you have to be able to play to manipulate the notes properly along with what you are singing. Not to mention the fact that you have to be able to actually hit the notes as well. Auto-Tune is just as you stated, a studio tool that does the note correction for you. You do have to somewhat hit the note but the software plug-in does the majority of the actually work taking the “artist with actual vocal chops” out of the picture.
      Unless it’s someone who can actually sing using Auto-Tune which can sound quite good but at the same time seems redundant.
      (See R. Kelly’s “Leave Your Name” from his Double Up LP)
      That is Auto-Tune done much better than T-Pain could ever do it. Now if we could just get him to focus on music again and not his definition of Teenager.

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