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Listen To My 9mm Go Bang…


Wa Da-Da-Dang, Wa-Da-Da-Da-Dang

Wa Da-Da-Dang, Wa-Da-Da-Da-Dang!! got me. I admit it. I’ve been slippin’ on my pimpin’ lately. I haven’t posted a dayum thing in going on three weeks now. Funny thing is y’all ain’t shoot me an email to check on me though did you? It’s cool, I see how it is. J/K. I too been busy with life and I didn’t have anything of importance to say anyway but if you were looking for me I did comment on a good bit of posts over at SoulBounce these last couple of weeks.
I noticed something though while I was there too.
They are really on top of this music blog game. The writers at SoulBounce (Shouts to iLL Mami and VivrantThang) crank out post after post on a daily basis cause there are like six of them plus a guest poster or two. Plus they all have personal blogs as well. I already hear what you’re thinking. Am I trying to (for lack of a better phrase) jack their swag? Not really, although they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. I just realize that writing new and fresh stuff for the masses to read on a daily basis might take more than just lil’ ol’ me. So if your interested in being a co-author, let ya boy know. Shoot me an email or something.

I also frequented my “research” blogs and sites to make sure I stayed up to date with the new sounds. I haven’t forgotten about the posts I owe you all either. I finished the one about my homie Tim Dillinger and will post it shortly. The one about Disco, House and Go-Go is still in the works. Wait till you see all the music I am putting together for that! I think its gonna be a good one plus I hope to have a mix from a famous DJ to go along with it. The post about Charles Hamilton is almost complete too but I had to put it on hold since his fast tail went and released his “Pink Lavalamp” album last week and I’m still listening to it. If anything, I will say the brother is creative cause I would have never associated a Pink anything with music unless you count Cam’ron if you can still call what he does music these days.

Lets see..added more links to the Blogroll…oh I added a couple new ringers to the FoneFlowz page and even more music to the DiveDeepa SoulReservoirs. I’m working on another one with nothing but Gospel and another one with Jazz and other additives in it for y’all. Wait, hold up. Let me stop here for a PSA real quick:


Sorry for the yelling but I really try hard to make what I post and upload dummy-proof and easy for you to get, download and vibe to. So when I look at the stats page and see people going to a page or a post but not clicking anything it makes me think maybe you need some direction. Hell, I even started coloring the links within a post bright blue since they were hard to see before. I try not to get emotional about the blog or the fact that I am doing all this uploading and not seeing any downloads but I had to get that off the chest for a hot sec. Nuff said…

OK..that’s enough for now. Since I’ve been checking so much new music and due to the time between last post and this one, this TSRsampler is gonna have double the songs. I’ve added the AlbumWrap program here just in case you want to separate the songs out into individual songs after you download. Oh and of course just in case you got issues with downloading there is always the audio player so you can juslisen:

TSRsoulsampler # 9 Tracklisting

Boogie Down Productions – 9mm Go Bang (Classic Material)
Biggie Smalls & Dr. Dre Blend – Xxplosively Wrong (HOT!!)
Anthony Hamilton – Diamond In The Rough
Brandy – Drum Life
Gordon Chambers – To Love Again feat. Ledisi
Kay – Da Da
Really Doe – My City
YahZarah – Real Good feat. Phonte
Joy Denalane – Heaven Or Hell feat. Raekwon
Mos Def – Life In Marvelous Times (HOT!!)
Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning (Brother? Remix)
Jay-Z – Threat (DJ Danger Mouse’s Grey Album Version)
The Sweetest Thing – Rare Essence (HOT!! Go-Go cover of Ms. Hill’s classic)
Biggie Smalls & Dr. Dre Blend – 10 Egos (HOT!!)

TSRSoulSampler – Link has been fixed! 



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  1. vivrant thang permalink
    12/17/2008 19:26

    I have to say thanks for commenting because it got me over here and I am loving what I see. Welcome to my blogroll! We need all the TRUE music lovers we can get united to spread the word about these underrated artists. So there’s no “swag jacking” or anything like that when it comes to that mission. We all need to use our platforms to talk about these artists.

    I’ll be stopping through often and leaving a comment here and there. That mix looks sick! I’ll be listening tomorrow.

    • 03/25/2009 20:28

      Thanks for the comment sis. I truly appreciate it and I mos def check out the blog on the regular. That goes for SB too! You’re more than correct about TRUE music lovers getting unified. It needs to happen but with blogs, sites, twitter and the like it becomes more likely everyday. Hope you like the mixes and if you need anything music-wise, blog-wise, etc. let me know.

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