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The SEGA Enthusiast


Editor’s Note: If you check the date you can see this was written waaaaaaayyyy before the recent events of CH getting cold KTFO’d by @brianalatrise and easily viewed at various places around the innahnets! According to said innahnets, he has lost all credibility now including what little I tried to give him in this post.
I guess Hamilton should have been playing Ring King instead of Sonic…SMDH…
Ah, well…read it anyway.

Back in the 80’s heyday of Video Gaming I had an Atari 2600 with madd games because my Grandmother worked for Woolworth‘s. (So you know that’s pretty far back and yes I am dating myself.) I had the pre-requisite Pac-Man, Joust and Berzerk (Which is the only game known to have actually killed two people. Damn you Evil Otto!) along with a few rarities like Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man. (Click the links if you don’t believe me. In fact there were several games based on MOTU.) I played them all for hours on end.
Until Nintendo took over my gaming life. Mario and Luigi became my world and I was such a fanatic that I even had a subscription to Nintendo Power magazine.  Of course when SEGA (SErvice GAmes) jumped into the Video Game ring I was interested but decided to stick with my NES. I just couldn’t stop doing that Somersault Kick with Starman in Pro Wrestling (never did beat Great Puma though). I only changed when the SNES became viable as an upgrade. Plus I had plenty of friends that were caught up in the SEGA Genesis so I did get to play it on a a regular basis. The graphics for Golden Axe II were great and Altered Beast was incredible but I was stuck on saving Zelda the second time around and breaking the rim in NBA Jam T.E. It wasn’t long before I grew bored with gaming altogether and shifted my focus to music.

I currently don’t own any Gaming platform at all now, unless you count the NES and SNES emulators on my PC which I rarely play because I just don’t have the time any more. In short, I haven’t really been interested in video games for a while, though I will on occasion play some Madden with the fellas. Funny thing is, I am still quite interested in the music that games of today employ, from background SFX to complete soundtracks like the ones from Madden (especially ’03) to NBA 2K. So I guess it’s a no-brainer that when I noticed Mr. Hamilton’s obsession with Sonic The Hedgehog, I would research the guy.

I know that Sonic has always been SEGA’s most popular character with all the game spin-offs, comics, Manga, TV shows and even a movie but then again Super Mario Bros. has also followed suit on the NES side. But due to the ease in which Sonic can be depicted as dark and menacing (thanks to Shadow the Hedgehog and the fact that pictures of Sonic normally show him with a mischievous smirk and furrowed brow), it makes sense for CH to use him as an image booster. The impression most rappers (notice I didn’t say Emcees) in today’s Industry would want is to be someone feared or at the very least wary of.
Of course CH doesn’t say any of these things, as his take philosophy on Sonic is that the word means “Music” and that Hedgehogs live underground. So his view is that he is Sonic or “music” and that he is under said music…or something like that. I think I can understand that though as  Charles can come across as such in his lyrics and delivery using light and introspective wordplay.

November 10th:

It’s like he is there under the surface and while your nodding to the track he has lifted crafted you catch little pieces of his 20 yr old wisdom (oxymoron?) peeking through the surface. Another thing is that his music also incorporates a fun quality in too so you don’t forget that he is still a youngster despite his mature ideals.

Brooklyn Girls

Not gonna get into the whole SouljaBoyTellem beef but for my money, this is better than anything he has ever done. (By the way, can anyone tell me why he runs his stage name altogether like that and exactly what he is tellin’ em?)
Upon listening to more of his tracks from his other mixtapes I have found that Hamilton has a lot on his mind when it comes to life and relationships and even religion, going so far as to say that God is a woman. Truth told those types of statements have gotten him clowned on several other sites and blogs in the comment sections and for making songs about those thoughts as well.

“Conversations with God”:

I guess it would seem hard for some misogynistic person to stomach someone else saying that God is female, the color pink represents life due to it being the same color as a woman’s womb and that life is like a Lavalamp because of how it’s sporadic but fluid movements reflect our existence on earth, all while coming off as the SEGA’s Biggest Fanboy.

Where’s My F’ckin Genesis?:

You’re not hearing things. He actually took one of the soundtracks from a Sonic the Hedgehog level and crafted a track from it. This might have been corny from another producer but for Hamilton, since we know so little about him to begin with, it has a way of actually solidifying his persona for you. CH definitely has a different viewpoint on the world and the music he creates within it but with his recent issuing of “The Pink Lavalamp“, I more fully understand the name of his newest mixtape and where Mr. Hamilton is going with all of this but I still question if the masses will completely embrace another male in Hip-Hop that readily embraces the color Pink. I mean, it didn’t hurt Cam’ron, but it didn’t help him much either.

“My Wonderful Pink Polo”:

At least he’s just keeping it at pink polo’s and fuchsia colored headphones for now. I might change my whole opinion if I see him rocking a complete  salmon colored outfit.
Moving on, he also somehow obtained a whole slew of unheard and highly coveted J. Dilla beats and constructed decent lyrics for all of them. No small feat to have a mixtape of strictly Jay Dee material as your backdrop for rhymes of this caliber.


Plus he was notable enough for XXL put him on their Freshmen 10 cover this year but will that and some of the most downloaded mixtapes this year be enough for him to win over the fan base he is aiming for.
After all we do live in America, where you can get almost anyone to say a song is hot if you have a good marketing strategy and get enough mass media exposure (a’la the Radio Project) to make Musical Lemmings (ML’s) browbeat their friends until they agree an artist is hot just to fit in.
Take Jim Jones for example and his new X-mas CD. You and I both know that someone somewhere is convincing some poor misguided soul that he’s hot, the album is hot, the whole Bird Gang is hot and they are crazy lame for not liking the wackness too.  It then continuously spawns almost like that passage in the KJV Bible where Adam begat Seth who begat Enos, etc.
Sorry, went on a tangent there…back to CH.

So how exactly do you market this young man? Exactly how would you, in this day and time with all the other deserving (and undeserving) up-and-comers, get the masses to even think about listening to it?
Well folks, according to CH its called the Hamiltonization Process. Lets break the recipe down shall we?

#1 Take someone in their 20’s with a passion and talent for creating self-styled cutting edge Hip-Hop.
#2 Add in a couple shots of fascination for a certain retro video game.
#3 A dash of outside the norm philosophy.
#4 Splash in the fact they were recently without a stable living arrangement for more than a year.
#5 Blend with a couple slices of recent technology and Internet Marketing (i.e. BlogsTwitter, etc.)
#6 Bake it all on ten mixtapes with four of them being hosted by two nationally respected and recognized DJ’s (Skee and Green Lantern) on different website partners.
#7 Serve all ten mixtapes as FREE downloads, make a low-budget but watchable video for one of your catchiest tracks, sit back and wait for the inevitable “Net Buzz” to kick in.
#8 Sign the dotted line when Jimmy Iovine and Interscope come to hand you a record deal.

Sounds easy right? In reality, not so much for most attempting to make a break into the music biz but it must have been simple for him because that’s the gist of what’s happened and now he’s kickin’ his feet up while producing and recording in L.A. at Record Plant. Very Rags to Riches-esque and it goes well with the “Change” theme the Obama campaign and victory has ushered into America these days.
I won’t go as far as to say its the first time this marketing technique has been used to approach the masses but I will say it has my attention more than Freeway giving away a free song every day for a month on Nah Right has. Matter of fact when I check the ratio on my 500 GB Maxtor External HDD (name drop, plink) of Charles Hamilton Mixtapes Vs. gratis Freeway songs, it an easy ten to zero win for CH.

Side Note: No diss to Free-weezy (or his “high-nasal, I sound like I’m crying when I rhyme” flow) but I have seen the videos and downloads at Nah Right and other sites and blogs like BlackRadioIsBack (Shouts to fuseboxradio! I see ya hustle ma!) repeatedly and haven’t been moved to attempt to click my mouse in a mouse-clicking fashion on any of them.

Aight, as always I’ve written too much and probably lost most of my audience by now so here are the goods. I will say there are at least one or two you won’t feel right away and a couple that will be on instant repeat.

Either way, once his Interscope debut drops, you will be a part of the Hamiltonization Process as either a willing participant, reluctant hostage or just by plain ol’ audio osmosis.
In light of the KO, I’d have to say it would probably be just for the laugh factor now. Wonder how many diss songs/videos will get created and posted on either Twitter or YouTube now?

Here are the downloads for you though, if you’re still interested anymore. Ten mixtapes in one place so you don’t have to search all those websites for them. Your welcome, I think….

And Then They Played

Death of the Mixtape
It’s Charles

Sonic the
The L
The Pink



Sonic & Mario

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