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Attempts At A Happy New Year


And Never Brought To Mind...

And Never Brought To Mind...

I’ve never been a conformist. I like to do things my way even if it causes me issues later. Just as long as I try to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. That said, this New Year I am adopting a one word mantra…”Change”. Yes, change, courtesy of President-Elect Obama. Not just change for America but change for every individual. With a New Year comes new insight into the past successes and shortcomings of the last 365. Some of those insights come to people before the merriment begins but for most it comes after the festivities in the form of those always made but hard to keep NYR’s or New Year’s Resolutions”.
I for one, hard as it may seem to believe, have never made any my entire life. Why? Because I have had the last 32  years to get to know myself. I already know that If I say it out of my mouth, I want to follow through but I also want to make sure that what I don’t let my mouth write checks my narrow a$$ can’t cash.
Let’s face it, making NYR’s means you have a good chance of proving to anyone you make these statements out loud to, that your a walking, talking Hypocrite. The things we say we will or won’t do anymore, the diets we say we will go on but continue to make Mickey D’s an everyday meal. It all adds up because we know better, hence the reasoning for the Resolution in the first place. I think Lupe Fiasco said it best at the end of his cover of “Conflict Diamonds” from his “Touch The Sky” mixtape:

“Conflict Diamonds”:

“You gotta know it’s wrong first to actually be a Hypocrite”.

For me it rings true cause I don’t know anyone who actually stood in front of their pre-school class on Career Day and said those ill-fated words “When I grow up I wanna be a Professor of Hypocrisy.
So in this new effort for “Change” I have compiled my list and since this the first time I have ever made NYE resolutions in my life, if I backslide you shouldn’t hold it against me too much. Most people make these every year (some everyday) with no intentions to stick to it at all. So please realize the difference when I start all of the following with the keyword Attempt.

1) Attempt to Quit smoking.
Wish me lots of luck with this one. I know they say you shouldn’t use anything as a crutch but this is my biggest one. My life has a lot of stress in it and this habit seems to be the only thing that calms me down. Unfortunately it’s a very bad habit and no good for my health. So quitting this year is the move. Tired of seeing the Truth commercials and hanging my head in shame too.

2) Attempt to be more understanding and tolerant of others my especially my wife.
Don’t get me wrong on this people. I love her and she is my soulmate. But she is a female nonetheless and will have a tendency to work a nerve as any good wife will do. I admit to working hers at times as well but if you know me then you know this year has been especially hard and we have been more apt to be intolerant of each other. Besides, life is fleeting by the second, so there is no reason to spend so much of it on the outs and in crazy arguments anyway. As far as the tolerating others part, I have become; to quote Loretta Divine in “Kingdom Come”; “Mean and Surly”. So I really need to work on it this year.

3) Attempt to post more quality content @ TSR this year.
This is a must do! Granted I have a lot on my plate at all times with barely a free moment to myself but I see other bloggers that have day jobs and families etc. and still post way more than me. So if they can do it, so can I. Just have to figure out a schedule and work on my time management skills more. This year I plan to do a few more interviews, re-visit / review more classic albums and get into a new venture with an on-line radio station in my hometown of Asheville.

4) Attempt to be more sympathetic to the artists and not post their entire album for download.
This year, after making a lot of contacts via TSR I have decided to use more embedded streams instead of just having an artists music up for D/L. Unless it was FREE 99 when I found it or I have express permission to post it as such. I have had numerous conversations about this with several artists I never though I would ever have the pleasure of speaking with and the main consensus is that even though bloggers get  the word out about artists that normally are under the average listeners radar, it doesn’t give us free license to give the masses access to their work for free. Now I can agree with this but at the same time part of what this blog is about is the unknown artists that I attempt to expose readers to via the DiveDeepa SoulReservoirs and the TSR soulsamplers like the one at the bottom of this post and other ones in the Archives.
Now that I think about it, I already know I’m gonna slip with this one, so let me say it now.

*Stepping up on Soapbox*

If you or someone you are acquainted with comes to this blog and happens to notice that your music is posted here for FREE and you don’t want it posted here, then send me an email before you sick anybody on me. That goes for your PR team, Lawyers, Record Label, etc. There is no need for all that. Just a quick email from some official domain I can track back for authenticity will do nicely. I will immediately take it down.

*Stepping down from Soapbox*

That’s a pretty good list to start with. Don’t wanna over do it the first time out.
So now that I’ve gotten that out of the system, lets get into what else has been happening with TSR this last week or so.

I made some minor changes to the layout. You may have noticed some things on the sidebar have moved, changed or been added. I’m yet again trying out a new configuration to convince you to dig deeper in the blog. Everything on this home page is placed in an on going effort to get you to stop acting like you have ADD (unless you really do) and get back to actually reading posts, clicking links and being curious about what a blogger like myself has to offer you at TSR. I’m still finding that a lot of the content here gets overlooked or goes unread. I think its a sin and a shame. You are already sitting at your PC or Mac, so why not explore the site (or any site for that matter) a little more that just taking a perfunctory glance and then heading over to Facebook or MySpace? I mean, you already took time to click the link. Don’t let the stereotype of  “Americans (especially African-Americans) don’t read” apply to you!

OK, I’m off my Soapbox again for now…nuff said about that there.

Another thing I’ve done is added a Twitter RSS feed to the sidebar. Right now I have it configured to show what I tweet and what those I follow say when they tweet to me. Took me a while to figure out how to get Yahoo Pipes configured to do that but I did it. If you are one of the misguided few haven’t gotten down with Twitter yet…WTF are you waiting for? Nuff said…
Added more music to a new 4Shared Virtual HDD and will be posting the link to that page soon. I just have to rename some of the files and organize it a little better first. Added more ringers to the FoneFlowz VHDD too. 200+ ringers there now. Why there are only 50 D/L total from any of those VHDD’s, ida know but hopefully a new year will change that. *Hint*
Added all posts to Digg and created profiles at Technorati and Delicious to boot. Will be adding links to those profiles as well for your easy access.
Added a FEEDJIT to the sidebar as well. Not really sure what it does other than tell me what states came by TSR but I’ve seen it on other blogs so I assume it’s needed for some reason I have yet to determine.
Moving on…

Here’s my Theme Song for 2009. It is by the incomparable Nina Simone. I hope you listen to her words and take the message I get from it as well:

Feeling Good:

Got one more TSR soulsampler for you here. It’s a year ending compilation of everything I already posted with a few extra jawns I was feeling this year too. Too long to post a Tracklisting but I hope it moves you all the same.

Oh and Happy NYE!!! Have a safe celebration.


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  1. vivrant thang permalink
    01/02/2009 14:56

    Very good year end wrap up post! I know just what you mean about resolutions. When I said to someone that I set goals and not make resolutions, she looked at me crazy. Resolutions are made to be broken. But goals, especially those written down, that tie into larger goals that are all part of some larger plan are different.

    Anyhow, I support all of your “resolutions” 100%. If Obama can quit smoking, especially after the hell he’s just been through, there is no damn good reason why you can’t either. So get on it! You need to be healthy to accomplish all the other stuff.

    As for the artists and their downloads, I usually just try to post specific tracks and I share albums in their entirety with a select FEW music lovers. Gotta work the network! We should become music sharing buddies. I get my hands on some gems from the UK.

    Anyway, best to you in ’09! I look forward to what’s in store for this space. And yea, whoever isn’t on Twitter is a sucka! Ha!

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