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Float Through My Head Like A Sweet Melody…


Bringing Back Sweet Memories..

Bringing Back Sweet Memories..

What it is peeps?  Hope everything is cool witchall. I decided I’d get back into writing these weekly little posts just to keep you all in the loop with the happenings here @ TSR.
I must admit, I’m ecstatic about all the views I gotten lately. It lets me know what I’m doing here is a least somewhat viable. This is going to be a good year for TSR and I hope you continue to come back and partake in the goodness with me. So without further delay…

“Weekly Rundown @ TSR”:

First off, I’ve gotta say a big thanks to any and everyone who has stopped by to read/listen/download and comment here so far. I am kind of surprised that I’ve gotten the good response I have so far. Let me explain that one though.
I know that when I write these different posts, I don’t ask any questions or offer an opportunity to get the readers more involved. I’m not going to make an excuse about it though. Let’s just say that my military mind is always on some I talk and you listen, not the other way around as most people’s is.
That’s a BIG fault on my part when it comes to blogging and I’m adding it to my learning curve. So I promise to write things more from that perspective from now on to encourage readers to leave more comments and interact more. Look for it to happen from now on. So, I will take the hit on that.
Special thanks to my wife @chocolatedelite, my sistahs @vivrant_thang, @ThePBG and my fellow alum @jasonbugg for commenting the most so far and my music buddy/blogging coach @chicklitgurrl for lacing my shoes about it to begin with. 

Secondly, I’ve been adding some more things to the sidebar for you to use. So far I’ve added three TwitterGrader widgets. One tells you what my Twitter score is, another one tells you how many followers I have on Twitter and the last one lets you (if you are on Twitter) tweet to your followers about TSR.
Ok, so the last one is a shameless plug/marketing tool but I thought I would add it just to see if anyone uses it. Can’t blame me for wanting more readers can you?
Oh and if you didn’t catch it from the last paragraph or from me saying it before in other posts, I will do it again and this is the last time:

“If you ain’t on Twitter, don’t understand why people like Twitter so much, haven’t found the time to register and get yourself involved yet or still haven’t made up your mind if you even want to know what Twitter is all about yet, YOU ARE SLIPPING!”

Nuff said…moving on…

Next I added an RSS tab thingie. I recently had a few readers tell me they couldn’t find a way to add TSR to Google Reader. That should be easy enough to do now. Just look on the right side and scroll down until you get to RSS, Site Traffic & Links. It’s the first icon. The orange one with the white curved lines on it. Go ahead and look for it, I’ll wait….yeah, that one…click it and you will be subjected to my musings every time I post something and you check your RSS reader out. 

Another thing to check out is a new page titled “Know-The-Ledge“. I added it in conjunction with a post I wrote recently with a slightly different title “Let’s see if I Know Da Ledge…“. I invite you (if you haven’t already) to check those two out as they have a wealth of knowledge in them. The post is about The Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace and its principles within the genre and how a new venture of mine coincides with them. The page itself is strictly about the Radio Show venture and will have weekly broadcasts of the “Drop Beats Not Bombs” radio show that yours truly helps guest hosts a segment of each Saturday night @ 8PM. (Another shameless plug, but ya gotta love em though!)

I’ve also got a lot of posts in various different stages of completion coming your way soon. Still working on the 4-parter about Disco/Go-Go/House/Funk music. It’s coming along though, just a few more elements that I need to capture before I publish the first installment. Recently did an interview with Nicholas Howard and will be putting the finishing touches on it this weekend. I’m also going to get another interview in with my ol’ Navy buddy that just happens to be one of the best Emcees I personally know, Dubbs Lane. Soon as I can clear my schedule enough to catch up to him. After that, I also have another post that is slowly formulating but will be great once I get more into it. Let’s just say it deals with Memories and will be Precise, Bass Heavy and Just Right…that’s all I’m gonna say bout that one though. Gotta keep it on wraps a little more.
Oh, also deleted the TSR Facebook page to create a Know-The-Ledge @ TSR Facebook group. The page was cool but very limited on interaction compared to a group so there ya go on that one. I will replace that link in the Stalk TSR Here blogroll with it for you to click and join.

One last thing before I go, the last time I added a poll to TSR it was back when I didn’t have anywhere near as many readers as I do now, so it went overlooked. Well, that’s an understatement cause if I remember correctly, only three people answered it. It’s cool, I understand. I jumped out there with it too early but now that I have a little more machismo around the Net I’m gonna throw another one out here. Hopefully I get more response this time.  I really need some feedback on this one peeps.

That brings me to another goings on here as well. Normally I’d close this post out with the TSR SoulSampler but since my AlbumWrap program is null and void right now I can’t.
Then again I’m not sure if my readers were that into it anyway, so how about you tell me. Do you need that in your life still?
Tell me about it please by clicking this link for the TSR SoulSamplers Archivez page. Check out the details about it there and answer that poll. I know, I’m just asking you to do all types of ish right?
But the response to the poll will let me know if you want/need/miss that or not. You can answer more than once too and even see the results so far. See, I’m trying to get you more involved already.

Side Note:  I was asked the other day why I title these weekly posts the way I do. The answer is the title reflects whatever Classic Material I happened to be listening to at the time.

Reflection Eternal – “Memories Live”:

No other rhyme or reason to it though they do sometimes happen to complement some of the topics I cover in the post though. This jawn just happened to be the spark.



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