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If you have been checking TSR lately, you may have noticed a post about The Juice Crew titled Hip-Hop Superfriendz, written by someone other than yours truly. It was written by one of two new contributors to TSR, my homie ThaStreetz.

It’s not been very often in my lifetime’s audio journey, that I meet individuals that feel the way I do about music. For the most part, their depth of musical knowledge, comes just from a few cursory listens. Just enough of a track to see if the production moves them enough figure out if they even wanna try to decipher the songs hook, let alone the lyrics. At times, I get impressed by those I would never take as avid, active listeners being able to begin to breakdown a song. Those are the pleasant surprises. Then there are those that have not a clue. Which is fine if they are really not interested as I can speak on way more topics than just music.

I just despise the “posers“. You know, the ones that pretend to have a knowledge of anything musical and almost seem convincing, until they mention anyone with the prefix of Young (or the other spelling of Yung), Lil’ or a famous clothing designer to their stage name in their Top 5 Dead or Alive. Conversations with them remind me of  Jay-Z‘s quotable from his Blueprint LP’s “Renegade” duet with Eminem:

“MF’s say that I’m foolish / I only talk about jewels / Do you fools listen to music / Or do you just skim through it?”

(Or is it the other way around? After all, Hov wasn’t on the original track, Royce 5’9 was.  Then there’s the fact that some of Royce’s lyrics sound strikingly like Em’s verse from Biggie’s “Dead Wrong” which was recorded after Renegade was but that’s a whole other discussion all together)
See how easily I get caught up in the Behind-The-Scenes and “Known, Unknowns” of music?
So when I am blessed to find such a person that understands the many aspects  that take place within any musical piece, it is a bond that can’t be broken because music is always there as a universal common thread to let you know that it wasn’t a happenstance. Such is the case with Streetz.

I met Streetz during my four year hitch in the Navy as we were stationed on the same Aircraft Carrier. The first question the guy asked me was who was my favorite Emcee and why. I answered that it was IMHO a toss up between either Andre (3000) or Mos Def. He responded that while both great, they didn’t hold a candle to Big Daddy Kane. The answer kinda struck me as odd but madd respectable, once he broke his reasoning down, hence the story behind his Avatar here on TSR. From that moment on we were down. Down by Law, Down like “Four Flat Tires” and “Cooler than a Polar Bears toenails“. When you spend four years with a group of people you get to know a few of them pretty well and we spent a lot of days in heated discussion about, you guessed it, music.
When it comes to music being the topic, me and this guy are thick as thieves and find any reason at all to discuss it. Any topic that comes up will be related to some song, someone, some verse, some producer, etc. Anything. It becomes a macabre musical version of  Six Degrees of Separation without the In flagrante delicto for those that have seen the play or the movie that was Will Smith’s first leading role.
For those that haven’t seen either or are Latin impaired, it roughly translates to mean… “No Homo“.

So be on the look out for more posts from him. You can also check out what Streetz has to say away from the blog because I convinced him to get a Twitter account. You can follow him with this link; @sdiggs .
I did say that there were gonna be two new contributors didn’t I? Well my other homie @SunnyBricks will be dropping a post here soon too. Just as soon as he lets me know it’s done. Click his link, if you want to check out what he’s saying on Twitter as well. Ok, moving On…

Weekly Rundown @ TSR:


Hope you got a chance to check out Parts One and Two of my own personal Hip-Hop History and don’t worry Part Three is in the works along with so many other posts that I can hardly keep up. I also promised you a few interviews and they are coming, trust that. So far I’ve got one almost written about Nicholas Howard and I’m lining three more up. One with the homie @Dubbslane and hopefully I can get one or two done with my old High School classmates EJ and his sister Joy Harrell.
Talk about your Super Talented Family.
In short…YHNIAYRNE (You Have No Idea And You R Not E!)

Don’t believe? Listen for yourself:

Everett JamesMy Star“:

Hopefully, now that TSR has new writers, it frees up a little more time for me and helps to make sure there is new quality content here for you on more of a regular basis.
In other news, I changed the look of the blog. Hope you like it. I’m also real close to getting a proper header and logo from my sis The Urban Carrie Bradshaw. If you didn’t know she’s not only a blogger, but a damn good artist as well. Check her site out here and see her work for yourself.
Lets see what else, added more blogs and links to the Blogroll sidebar so make sure to click on one of those and get introduced to someone else’s POV. Also changed up the Tabs at the top of the Blog. I placed all Download pages under one page. Now all you have to do is click All Downloadz and then choose what you are looking to save to your own PC, Mac or mp3 player. I will eventually make a page for Archived posts too to help you find those easier. Also started incorporating an AddThis button to older posts and to this one as well. You will see it at the bottom under my post ending. I’m going to use this as a method of helping you to add a post to some other social site you may use to bring more traffic here.
So click it if you think it’s worth sharing please.

That’s all I have for right now. Please continue to come back and read, download , listen etc. Speaking of which, I asked a few posts back for you the reader to answer a Poll. I was hoping that it would be a good way to get you the reader more involved. I was also hoping that since the last time I posted a Poll I only got three responses, that I would get at least twice that many. So much for wishful thinking, cause yeah, it didn’t happen….only one response…Lé Sigh…not gonna trip about it though.

But because I’m such a nice guy, I’m still gonna pay for the AlbumWrap program and add the SoulSampler to these posts free of charge and also to the page for them because I like doing it for you the reader. 
So, here is this week’s offering and since I haven’t posted one in a while, I threw in a few more songs than normal.

Your Welcome.
*sarcasm also free of charge*


Download: TSR SoulSampler #

TSR SoulSampler # 10 Tracklisting:

Life Is Good” – DJ Deckstream feat. Mos Def (HOT!!)
It Kills Me” – Melanie Fiona
Heat Rocks” – Raekwon (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II!!)
Love Divine” – Teedra Moses
Never Too Much” – Raheem DeVaughn (Luther Vandross Cover)
Been In Love” – Eric Roberson feat. Phonte
Best Friend” – V feat. Kev Brown
The Artistic Integrity” – Wale
One For The Road” – Cee-Lo Green
Raise It Up” – Slum Village (Classic!!)
Cold Shoulder” (Garbs Infinite’s “Paper Thin” Remix) – Adele
There Goes My Baby” – Charlie Wilson
Ballskin” – DOOM (Despite the title, this one is HOT!! )


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    03/02/2009 14:31

    Just passing by.
    BTW, your website has great content!

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