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It’s Been A Long Time…


I Shouldn't Have Left You...

I Shouldn't Have Left You...

Time’s up…sorry I kept you…waiting so long for another post.
My only excuse is sometimes this Electric Word called Life © of Prince, takes place and you can get sidetracked. I envy those that have all the time in the world to sit a computer and write all day.  So, I’m still around people. Just going through right now on some things.  If you’re interested in knowing a little about it, I think Wifey can explain it best at her blog (yes, I finally convinced her to start writing one) so if the spirit moves you, check it out here. Maybe even take a gander at her other posts also but be warned. She speaks her mind and is way trill with it. I’m talking good, bad or ugly but still real. And yes, she’s the exact same way at home with me but what can I say…I love that about her.

Moving On…

I’m still active on my Twitter, BlipFM and Facebook accounts though, being the music dispenser that I can’t help but to be. It just might be a little while before I get back to writing on the regular but I truly ‘prociate those that faithfully come by TSR and check something out.  So in keeping with the great tradition of giving props (c) Radio Stations, Mixtapes and that negro the news always interviews when something goes down in the hood; lemmie send a couple Twitter shoutouts to some of my Tweeps:  @chocolatedelite , @vivrant_thang, @ThePBG, @SoulUK, @sdiggs, @ThaConnoisseur, @fcthetruth, @SunnyBricks, @Dubbslane, @naturallyelsie, @GarrisonStrange, @EverettJames, @brigfeltus, @Roddykat, @djbrainchild (Good look on the Sista LP!) & @LadyProducHer!

Also to my Facebook family and friends, which are too numerous to attempt to name here, I seriously ‘prociate the support and all the above. I’m pretty sure a good bit of my 4000+ SoulReaderz include you all. Many thanks for that.
Oh and before I forget, if you have ever checked out my other social networking pages and sites, then you may have noticed my new Avatar courtesy of my homegirl Miss Urban Carrie Bradshaw. She designed it for me and I’m mucho appreciative of that. Let me know what you think about it. As for my thoughts…Me Likey…Me Likey A Lot! Make sure to swing by her blog and she may be nice enough to hook you up as well.
Ok.. here’s the
TSR Weekly Rundown:
I’ve taken some time to make some more changes to TSR recently. First I created a new All Downloads page for stuff you the reader can get here. That includes TSRSoulSamplers, FoneFlow ringers and the all encompassing DiveDeepaSoulReservoir Virtual Hard Drives (which by the way have been seriously popping off lately so make sure to check those out)
Next, on another note Birthday Shouts to Wifey (04/03) and also to myself (04/08). I’m hitting the double three this year. No, it’s not really a landmark age like 30 or 35 but it does signal another year I’ve been blessed to see. I’m happy with that.
Lets see what else…oh, Bro-in law blessed me with some more links that added to the blogroll and also a plethora of good old school and more rare sample material so if your reading this Madd Props Bruh!! I’ll be uploading that to the DiveDeepa’s very soon. (mostly done so far)
I still have to shift through it all first and make sure I don’t duplicate anything already there. Still have to figure out how to combine one or two of those together too cause I’ve got space in one that could easily fit some other classics. Don’t worry, I’ll get it together.
Not really much else to say except…

Tryin’ to maintain and keep the head above water with writing posts so @NicholasHoward, I got you coming soon. Had a few SNAFU‘s but it’s working out now. I apologize for the delay bro. Hopefully you will check Wifey’s blog post out and will forgive me for the slack on my part.

Also some of the other SNAFU’s I’ve been having are keeping me from posting a TSR SoulSampler this time. Sorry about that folks. I’m pretty sure you will forgive me though once I’m able to do so cause I’ve got some jawns I’m sitting on that you will mos def enjoy. Til then I do at least have a parting jawn for y’all…

Musiq – “Time

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