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The Music Lovers


Last night while laying in the bed having normal couple talk, Wifey came up with the idea that since we both have this strong passion for music, that we should try a blog writing experience and allow you the lucky readers to be privy to it.

So we decided to interview one another on the musical aspect of our relationship.

Here’s how it works:

We asked each other a total of 8 questions, 1 personal question and 2 bonus questions. Which gives you a total of 12, because if our life was a TV show it would look like Monk. Wifey loves me to death even with my OCD.
We purposely didn’t label the songs because we want you to feel the same reaction we got once it was asked and the song comes to mind.
We hope you thoroughly enjoy this peek into our life and its musical reflection…

Question 1: What song do you associate with the first time I met you?

Toia: Because when you walked through the door your outfit said old school, fun and cool. The throw back beat and lyrics are totally what I think of when I met you. You came in by yourself, you kept to yourself most of the night, until I attacked you and you held your own. It was just you and I liked it.

Dewan: I remember walking into my friend’s house humming this cause it was the last thing I was listening to. As I walked in, our eyes connected just as my favorite line passed my lips “I realize what I portray / Day to day/ I gotta carry this / And beats, rhymes and life is where the marriage is.” I can’t say if I knew where our relationship would lead but at that point, I knew we would at least have some type of conversation before the end of the night.

Question 2: What song comes to mind when you think about our first phone conversation?

Toia: Because Biz is so crazy and silly and so are you. When you called me at my job saying your name was Dr. Phelmflockus (I worked in a Lab at the time), it threw me off at first, but when I realized it was you I just laughed. We talked for a just a few minutes but you made me smile and as we hung up I think that’s when I caught the vapors for you.

Dewan: I associate it with this song cause like a typical male, even though I have no clue where this could be leading to between us, in the back of my mind, I can’t help but think you have to be feeling me too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have digits to call you at right? That’s what I’m thinking…”You must know what’s up or you must be thinking what I’m thinking and feeling what I’m feeling too.”

Personal Question for Dewan: What song do you equate with my smile?

Dewan: Ok…even though the words of the song may not completely match the question..for me it’s the horns at the end of this one that really have the meaning. When ever you smile at me or just in general, it’s like those horns are playing just for me.

Personal Question for Toia: What song best reflects how you feel when your upset with me? 

Toia: When I’m upset and we fight, I don’t really want to hear you talk so Shut Up goes through my mind constantly. The NFL Theme song because at times I just want to tackle your short ass, get up, kick you and keep it moving. (Yes, I am very violent) You just make me that mad sometimes. Call Tyrone because sometimes I don’t always feel that you appreciate me. So I just want you to just get the hell out. But those moments are few and far in-between. You like the way I cleaned that up, don’t you.

Question 3: What song reminds you of when you first realized that you loved me?

Toia: It didn’t take long for me to realize that I loved you. I was very confused because it was a very sticky situation we had put ourselves into. But the first time I heard you sing this song to me, it made me feel so special. I knew it came from the heart and you had my heart then and there.
Aww…that’s so sweet! I can be sweet. LOL.

Dewan: It’s funny that we both picked this song but at the same time it shows our connection. I had the album and really thought that this song and it’s words embodied what true love is. Every time I would hear it, I would think that I would really like to find someone that would make me feel this way. So when those feelings surfaced in our relationship there was just no way I could not relate them back to this song.

Question 4: What song should have been playing when we got married?

Toia: Because we didn’t have a wedding reception, I always  wonder about this question.  I picked Stars because its us, we did come a long way to be together and my heart belongs to you. I can just see us dancing and singing this to one another. I didn’t really need a fancy wedding, dancing in the kitchen with you is fine with me.

Dewan: How can I not want this played? The raw emotion behind KC-i and Mary’s voices convey it all. You can hear the young love all in the delivery of the song. To me the duet sounds as ethereal as the moment you confess your love to the world during the wedding.

Question 5: During our 4 years stay in VA with the Military, what song reminded you of me when we were apart?

Toia: I don’t really think I need to explain this one just listen to the words. Every time I played the song it got me through the lonely nights. Knowing you did what you did for me and the girls was more then enough to get me through. But this song just summed it up for me.  There is no better love and you are my everything.
Ok maybe that was a lil mushy, got to get back to my inner dude – I’m so hood (ROFL)

Dewan: When you are in the military more then likely you have to be away from family and friends a lot. When I wrote this song I had been away at sea, for almost 6 months, and I wanted to express myself.  So I thought that a song would tell it better then a simple I love or I miss you. Al Green has always been one of my favorite performers because of the type of songs he creates about love. I wanted to capture that feeling just using my own words.

Question 6: First time we had sex, what song does that remind you of?

Toia: This song Slowly because I was so nervous and I never felt like that before. I was scared and excited at the same time. You were sweet and the perfect gentlemen. The fact that we were actually really good friends first and you made me wait ( lol yes he did, I was beyond ready) made it that much better. Thank you for that it was the first time I really got to know a man and not the representative he sent just to get into my pants. Also its a really sexy, erotic song and that’s what I remember about that night. You aiight with me.

Dewan: It has to be this one, the wording is just perfect. The first time you have sex with someone you truly care for, it could be like this song. It can start off soft, quiet and sensuous, full of romance. But by the end all the emotion are laid bare to show the raw passion. The way this song builds up to the finale is the epitome of the first time to me.

Question 7: What song(s) remind you of me being the first person you see every morning?

Toia: Cool, because when your damn phone goes off in the morning and I hit you to turn it off, you get up and turn it off and then you turn around and watch me roll over into your spot. You look at me and laugh and say ” Good morning bay” and I know its all right. That it doesn’t matter that we don’t have a lot of money or go out all the time, its cool. Its the little things you do that make me happy, we have more then enough. Chaz because I just love the fact that finally after being apart for four years I can open my eyes and your right there. Although you keep me most nights with your snoring and kicking me to death, we get to lay together every night and that’s so much better then you not being here at all.
Awww I might cry- man up Toia – OK I’m back lol!

Dewan: There are in our relationship the same things in every other one. Good times and bad ones, ups and downs, etc. So I think that these songs reflect on how I feel on any given morning when I open my eyes. Van Hunt captures the happiness with his melody about someones love and how it can make you feel high. On the other hand we might of had a disagreement or difference of opinion and that’s where Musiq’s songs comes to mind to let me know to try and be more understanding and tolerant.

Question 8: Given our current situation and the trials we have been through, what song makes you reflect on our battle with Cancer?

Toia: Choklate’s Thank U, because your always there encouraging me and letting me be me. I am so much to deal with (yes I said it) but you have so much patience and you know how to handle me. Plus I’m just always thanking God for allowing me to have a man like you in my life. Anita Bakers because she is my favorite and you are truly an angel. I see the fear in your eyes when I’m having a moment, if I can’t remember something or when I am in so much pain I can’t move. But you keep it moving and always keep me motivated. The last song House of Love, because we have been through so much as a couple, so much that most couples now a days would of been divorced. From being apart 4 years, because of the military to cancer. Our house is truly filled with love and laughter, we built this together. Its amazing to me that you could love me the way you do. I am so blessed you’ve given me so much and I can’t thank you enough. I am excited about our future together because I know if we get past this hump there’s nothing we can’t do together.

Dewan: The songs I thought of are so self-explanatory that I almost don’t have anything to say here. When someone you care for is not well and it’s something as serious as cancer, those are times when certain songs can soothe your soul, heal you’re hurt and give you peace. Each song I chose reflects my feelings about you and my optimism about the situation.

Bonus Question 1: What song best sums up who I am as a person?

Toia: I picked three songs. Little Brother cause you have a swagger about you that you don’t even realize. You are a man’s man, a true gentleman and when you walk in a room that song pops in my head. Umi Says, because your Great Grandmother raised you right. You are intelligent, confident and outgoing when you want to be. You have strong spiritual beliefs and strong political convictions. So why not a Mos Def song to reflect that? Common’s I Used To Love H.E.R. because Hip-Hop is your passion and your life is just like this song. It spoke to you the first time you heard it and it still moves you today.

Dewan: I chose Sunshine because the melody is upbeat but sassy and it reflects how you are most of the time. Plus the words explain what I think goes through your mind when you look at me sometimes. Trina Broussard’s song reminds me of the carefree way you look at the world. It’s something you have that I envy. The jazzy smooth melody always makes me think of when you tell me I’m being uptight about something I should be more relaxed with. Or when you tell me I should trust more, be more giving and have faith. The last song will make sense to those that know you personally. They will LOL when they hear it because it mos def explains your wild side. The side that is funny, crazy, silly but loving all at the same time.

Bonus Question 2: What do you think my theme song would be?

: I know when people listen to this answer, they may laugh or take it as a joke but let me break it down for you. Quincy Jones is a musical genius. The use of instruments in this song is amazing. It’s Funk, it’s Jazz, it’s Soul all in one. It’s light, it’s color, it’s art. It’s one of the best known theme songs around and even Hip-Hop artists have sampled it. It’s everything you are as a man and lover of music.

Dewan: I really shouldn’t have to explain this one. I know the song is a tad lengthy but I also think it fits you. There are times when you are quiet or soft spoken but in an instant loud and in your face about something. But regardless of when and how you say it, good, bad or ugly, it’s always the unadulterated truth and something you can bank on.

Ain’t love grand?
Wifey and I both hope you liked the songs and found some humor, enlightenment but especially love in this little project.
Oh, and if you would like a copy of the songs we mentioned, the link is below.

Download: The Music Lovers


Square & Wifey

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Risha permalink
    05/19/2009 03:34

    This is the bomb!!!! You guys are so cute. I met my man thru music. I wanna do some thing like this.

    • 06/02/2009 15:55

      @Risha – That’s fine. By all means if we were any kind of inspiration to you then write, write, write. Just shoot me a link to it on Twitter or something sos we can read it.

  2. Trelly permalink
    05/19/2009 20:02

    This is something that the Ole Maid in me can only hope to experience in life — a true love story. Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse into your life. Toia sounds half as crazy, if not more so than you, D — take some pics of her whooping you down (lol).

    On the health front, Toia — we all have our struggles sis and that’s real from this end — but God bless you — he’s a healer (as I repeat and encourage my own self right through there!) — y’all be blessed in love and in music.

    Now, you do know that the expectation is to hit us with a column monthly, right?! :) :)


    • 06/02/2009 15:56

      @Trelly – Ida know if we would go as far as to write a monthly blog together. Hmmm…I’d have to see if she’s up for that one. Oh and unfortunately for you /fortunately for me, Ida have any pics of that happening…matter fact I wouldn’t want the world to see it anyway! LOLz!

  3. J. H. Kirby permalink
    06/04/2009 11:55

    LUVD IT! It is amazing how God sends someone for one of the someones in your life who deserves happiness. I thank God for you D. because my friend needed luv and someone to share her luv. Its also neat that the one connection that guides you two through this life is music. A great way to express yourself as well as your luv story with music. Stay at it!

    • 06/08/2009 14:46

      @J.H. Kirby – I’m glad you got a chance to check it out and that you enjoyed it! Took some work to get it all written and all the songs together but we felt it was more than worth it. If you and all other readers recieved it the same way (in the spirit of a marriage built on love), then our mission has been accomplished.

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