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You Are The Song That I Sing…


Michael & MeI have had these Long Plays for what seems like forever (it also looks like it has been that long since I shaved too)…

…but had forgotten until the news broke that Michael Jackson had actually passed away and my Ex-Wife called me to let me know and to “jokinglydemand tell me I should put them on eBay.


Not when “Off The Wall” was given to me by my Uncle Kevin (along with his entire Parliament Funkadelic collection) and “Thriller” was purchased for me by my Grandmother the same day it hit the shelves.

Still two of my favorites and even though I might not have taken the best care of them over the years (the covers are a little dog-eared and I thought the paper jackets were still inside but a quick inspection showed otherwise) I’ve done what anyone with these two classics should have done even before the recent events.

I kept them.

To me they represent what a lifetime of being a True Musical Genius means and that might be viewed as semantics but aside from maybe say…umm…Prince…there aren’t very many that can claim G.O.A.T. status like Michael Joseph Jackson could.

Others with these or other albums might be looking to cash in via eBay, Real World Auctions or even the local Pawn Shop. Not me. I had no intention of doing so before, so don’t even think of asking me to part with them now. I just couldn’t cheapen his memory for cash like that.

What I can do is to give you all unrestricted access to TSR’s Jackson 5 /The Jacksons and Michael Jackson ShareDrives to try and get you past the shock and sadness of his untimely passing.  In case you don’t understand what I’m offering you for FREE .99, simply put that’s two links to 60+ complete albums of Jackson music!

Just click these links:

Jackson 5/The Jacksons ShareDrive Link

Michael Jackson ShareDrive Link

So, what have you done or what will you do to remember the Man and his Music?


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  1. lilmoz permalink
    07/11/2009 11:45

    Great remix, these guys are pro musicians, really strong!!

  2. 07/16/2010 23:49

    right on, man. right on. long live mjj.

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