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And One To Grow On…


...and what a year it's been!

So…today is October 12th 2009…big whoop, right?

A quick Google shows a lot of Historical things that have happened on this date. Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 1998, Filming started on The Wizard of Oz in 1938 and the song “Three Blind Mice” was published by songwriter Thomas Ravenscroft in 1609. There are also quite a lot of famous people who share this born date as well, such as Kirk “I’m not Mike Seaver!” Cameron in 1970, Marion Jones in 1975 and Dick Gregory in 1932.

What a search engine won’t tell you though is that TSR also shares some history with this day as well, with it being its Anniversary of inception.

When I  started this blog and asked the big homie Streetz to help me out, we only had a rough idea of what it would be about, what kind of content to host, topics to write about, etc. We were both kind of clueless about what constituted a good blog, what people wanted to read about and what kind of music everyone would potentially like to have copies of.
The main aspect we were sure of is that we wanted it to be a well read online resource for anyone wanting to gain musical knowledge about R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop.
So we brainstormed about it, kicked the tires on a few possibilities and then went in search of a host for it all. After some looking around, we decided on That done we wrote the very first post, clicked the publish button and opened shop on this very day. Then we waited…and waited…and waited some more. We checked the stats but no one seemed to be actively reading it. I mean we had a few hits but the only really substantial thing that happened was getting mentioned by blog sis iLL Mami over at SOULBOUNCE for making an astute revelation on a Bilal Vs. D’Angelo post she wrote. Still honored by that BTW but we wanted more peeps to check us out. So we went back to the bricks, did more research along with creating Twitter, Facebook and a few accounts for other social networking sites. After that, once we put out the word through those avenues and built up a good bit of relationships both business and personal, The SoulReservoir finally took on a life of its own.

In this first year, we’ve had the pleasure of writing some great and informative posts about some incredible LP’s and well known artists to make sure that our readers are kept in the loop and can make constructive choices in what they put in their ears.  We’ve also spoken with and reviewed albums from a few artists that while being lesser known are still masters of their craft and niche within the music industry. There were a lot of  great comments from readers, expressing their thanks for being able to come to TSR and pick up what we’ve been laying down even when we took out some time to get personal with what we were writing about.

So, in hindsight, this past year we’ve stuck to our guns and held our focus but most importantly, we put it all out there for the world to see, read and listen to. The world responded in kind and I’d like to think that we have held our ground pretty well this year. That’s not to say that there aren’t other bigger and better blogs out there, as a good many of them are listed on our own blogroll and we read them daily but TSR is still growing and growth is always positive, right? Right.

Even if we become busy with living life in the “Outside of the Internet” World, full of “Real Human Interaction” and don’t get as many opportunities to add new content on a daily regular basis as most other bloggers do, when we check the comments and reader stats it shows that a good bit of people out there still quite interested it what TSR stands for and it’s voice within the blog-o-sphere.

We appreciate it all…

Because we didn’t expect to reach the audience that we have. We didn’t begin to even fathom making all the connections we made this year with great artists, promoters, fellow bloggers, Twitterers, Blippers, Facebookers, etc. that we’ve had the pleasure of speaking/chatting/tweeting/emailing and working with. Everyone we’ve made connections with has been a master of their craft, whether they are the one’s actually in the recording booth or pulling all the strings behind the scenes.

The experience so far has been incredible…

We also can’t even begin to put into words the reception the DiveDeepa SoulReservoir ShareDrives have received and how many people have viewed and downloaded great soul music from those archives. Our intention was for everyone to have access to all the great soul music that doesn’t see the light of day or the insides of your CD and Mp3 players in its original form, before today’s producers and DJ’s chop it up, sample it and repackage it as a brand new piece of art. So when we check those stats…well, lets just say people aren’t shy when it comes to the words FREE and MUSIC. There’s even been a phenomenal jump in views and downloads from the FoneFlowz and TSR SoulSamplers archives as well. Once again we didn’t know that people crave music the way those stats show they do either.

There’s no place to go but up now and as far as what the rest of this year holds for TSR, well we’ve got a few more posts to get together for you.

There will be another round or three of the in-depth interviews/reviews you can always expect from us. We are always adding more music and ringtones to the ShareDrives for you to download and if all goes well, the Know-The-Ledge segment on Drop Beats Not Bombs with our friends Molly and Lucia is back!! This time around they’ve expanded and are on WPVM every Saturday night from 8-11 Monday night from 9-11 as well. Make sure to tune in for either or both of those shows as TSR continues to dig in the crates for those original songs and test your audio knowledge cause there are prizes to win!

Who knows what other things may pop up here for the rest of the year. Only time will tell but we’re glad you keep coming by to see what’s up.

So, to show even more appreciation for all the continued support, Streetz and I decided to put together a compilation of songs that we have accumulated over the year that we think everyone should have a copy of.

A sort of “Play In Case Of Good Music Emergency” mix…

Be it a road trip, a long day at work, just cleaning up the house, relaxing on the patio with a few drinks and a couple of close friends, etc. This mix should make it a tad more enjoyable. It’s a good range of some of this years best, encompassing a healthy mixture of Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and even a little Alternative too, just to round it out for good measure. Almost 1 GB of greatness for FREE but it’s just too many artists and song names to attempt and list ’em all here.

Just trust that TSR did you justice but if you wanna preview it:

or Right Click & Save As: Play In Case Of Good Music Emergency.mp3 and listen at your leisure.

Oh and just because we sometimes like to be extra about it, cause we love to give our SoulReaderz good music, if you’re a little more TechSavvy, download WinRAR and then this copy of the mix: PICOGME.rar


Bonus TechSavvy Download: The Greatest Old School Hip-Hop Records.rar

Here’s to a great rest of the year and many more to follow…

If you really need to know the “Who’s Who” on the PICOGME playlist, shoot me an email at the link to the right. It’s under my avatar. I’ll make sure to get you a rundown. Also, if you have any ideas or comments on what you like about and or want to see more of here let us know. You can even tell us what you aren’t feeling that much. We’d love the feedback. Leave a post comment if ya diggin’ the mix, as it’ll help us decide if we’re gonna start Podcasting some stuff later too.

Breaking News Side Note: TSR would like to give a special Shout Out/Thank You/You Will Be Missed to Honey of as she has decided to take an extended hiatus from writing her critically acclaimed blog this month. TSR salutes you for your five years in the music blog game and all of the known and unknown artists you have spoken to and written about on your site. Yours was one of the first blogs we ever read and a big inspiration for the starting and continuing of TSR. Thanks for all you have done in sharing your passion for great music and also for being an all around great person to speak with period. Much success you in your future endeavors sis.

If you haven’t ever checked HoneySoul out, I suggest you do so…soon as there is no word yet if she will be leaving the site running during her hiatus or not…

Square & ThaStreetz

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