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OSF: Best Song From A Movie


Apologies for missing last weeks OSF but if you’ve read the post before this one, I would hope that you would understand and grant me your forgiveness.

This week’s theme is “Best Song From A Movie” and it wasn’t very easy to whittle the list for this one down to just two selections, as a myriad of great movies and songs came to mind. Rules are rules though and I mean to stick to them. So after much internal debate, here are the two Soundtrack Songs that stand out most in my mind:

A: Today – “Why You Gettin’ Funky On Me

Say what you want about Kid & Play‘s (Reggie Hudlin‘s or Wedgie Wudlin if you’re a Boondocks fan) “House Party” series, I for one still classify them as vintage filmography as they were ushered in during those critical Jr. High to High School years of my life and helped define what was “cool” for me and my peers. This song by Today (featuring the incomparable Big Bub néé Lee Drakeford on lead vocals) became the soundtrack for my crew.
So what if the lyrics dealt more with adult, long term, loving relationships and less with the “fly by night, in and out of like/love, passing notes in the hallway and who’s the “IT” couple this week” vibe than our juvenile minds had experienced up til then. We just adapted the words to fit our situation.
Plus you couldn’t have a real life House Party or a School sponsored dance for that matter and not have this played. Woe be unto the DJ that  neglected to spin this at least once during this jam’s height of popularity.

Next up, I wanted to take it back a little bit further.

Lately I’ve been compiling and amassing a Blaxploitation Movie collection. Utilizing the inter-webs, I’ve been gleaning link after torrent link for these classics, from Coffy to Black Belt Jones to The Education of Sonny Carson.
Out of all the ones I’ve gotten so far and still have yet to find quality copies of, the one that moves me the most so far is The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh and this audio gem from

B:  The Mighty Spinners – “(Do It Do It) No One Does It Better

Dr. J’s Poetry in Motion On Court Moves  x  The Spinner’s Soulful Crooning = Happy OSF!!

Oh by the way I took the time to create an actual OSF page her at TSR with a listing of all the participants so far as well as the official OSF rules too. But you can also check out @Marvalus‘ blog here for the same info and just to say hi to her as well.


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  1. 02/12/2010 22:21

    GREAT CHOICES for this week!!!

    HAPPY OSF!!!

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