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OSF: If I Could Sing, I’d Want To Sound Like x Double Bonus


What’s Happening?! ….sorry…couldn’t resist.

It’s OSF time again. This week’s theme is  “If I Could Sing, I’d Want To Sound Like…” and it’s pretty near and dear to my heart too, as I used to create music once upon a time. Over the years I found my own sound but way back in the day there were certain crooners (no Alfalfa) that owned voices I wished I could emulate. Starting with:

A: Boyz II Men – “Please Don’t Go”

I’ll spare you of all the stories about the singing group me and the fellas had back in school and how we would dress up in our Alex Vanderpool finest, while harmonizing “Motownphilly”  or their album namesake and very moving cover of  George Curtis Cameron‘s “Cooley High” classic “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” for any one who would listen. Plus, I just knew I was Wanya.

Alex Vanderpool Era...indeed!

That’s a story for another time. Moving on…

As I got older and more versed in different artists from the past, I felt that out of all the voices out there, I would have loved to have Russell Thompkins, Jr.’s falsetto. Especially when it came to:

B: The Stylistics – “Hurry Up This Way Again”

Great music...funny outfits...

The dude’s voice is an instant Groupie maker…

As a Bonus, I decided to give you all a stream/download of a track I did back in those salad days that hasn’t seen the light of day in years.

SquarerootZ – “Where I Fit In

Just in case that floated your boat a little bit, here’s a Double Bonus. It’s a copy of the EP I made before getting frustrated with the industry and sticking to writing about other people’s music instead.

Strictly 4 the Masses EP
Download: SquarerootZ – Strictly 4 the Masses EP

Make sure to check the OSF page or @Marvalus‘ blog here for a listing of all the participants and the official OSF rules.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. 02/18/2010 23:25

    No you didn’t with the BIIM!!! And this song is one of those that I keep close to me at all times…that CooleyHighHarmony CD is one of the best debuts ever!!!

    • 02/22/2010 19:15

      Yes I did! I take it you like this weeks choices? Took a glance at yours as well. Gladys is always, always, always a great voice to listen to. I’m still bumpin’ the Claudine Soundtrack if for nothing but “The Makings Of You”.

  2. polyestaplaya permalink
    02/22/2010 07:29

    I love the hook, “Throw it at me like a Quarterback”……classic.

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