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OSF: Dance, Music, Sex or Romance (Choose One)


It’s OSF time again people! Hope your having a happy one so far…

This week’s theme gives me the option to showcase two videos of my choice from the following headings “Dance, Music, Sex or Romance“.

Now since it doesn’t literally say that I have to post two videos from only one category, I think I’ll mix it up and post one video each from two of them.

First up, when I see the word Dance, I instantly think of one of the funkiest tunes to cut a rug to from way back when. Even listening to it now as I post, still makes my legs want to break out in a quick “Hammer” or bust a few backwards steps of the “Running Man” ala Paula Abdul or any other number of late 80’s  / early 90’s dances. Notice I didn’t say anything about doing them very well or at least as well as the backup dancers in the video for:

A: Snap! – “I’ve Got The Power

Though Snap! was the brainchild of two German producers, they didn’t really make a big splash with their first LP until re-recording this track in 1990 with Turbo B on the rap vocals and backgrounds being supplied by Penny Ford, even though the woman in the video lip-synching is actually Jackie Harris, who upon my research seems to have no real “web presence” at all (not that it’s a bad thing), save for a few pages stating nothing more than her real name being Jacqeline Arlissa Harris, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. and being recruited for Snap! by Turbo B himself at a local concert…

The reason for the song’s reworking? It consisted and contains of a number of unauthorized samples:

Drum Loop: Mantronix – “King of the Beats
Vocal Sample: Jocelyn Brown – “Love’s Gonna Get You
Rap Sample: Chill Rob G – “Let the Words Flow

Once Chill threatened to persue legal action for the jack move on his rhymes, the crafty Germans tapped another Pittsburgh, PA native, Durron Maurice Butler, to add his flava to the track and utter the most memorable lines from the jam:

So peace! / Stay off my back / Or I will attack and you don't want that!

They’ve had a few other hits (mostly overseas) since this one and are still making music today…for some strange reason.

Moving on…I suppose the next category that brings a song to mind would be Romance. Not that I can’t think of songs for Sex or Music but this next one keeps pulling me back in.  So with this word in mind, no song makes me think of “Old School Romance” music more than Al Green. Especially this one:

B: Al Green – “For The Good Times

Just listening to the words describing the romance Al and this mystery lady once shared and how he wants her to remember the good times they had while she lays her head on his pillow, bringing her warm and tender body close to his, all while the raindrops whisper softly against the window as he begs her to make believe she still loves his one more time…

Plus you just can’t front on this album cover either…

I'd kill to take a picture like this...

My only gripe (and it’s not really a big one) with Al, is for allowing the Decatur, GA duo Ghetto Mafia to rhyme over this for their song:

For The Good Times” (Straight From The Dec)

from the LP of the same name back in 1997.

Don’t get me wrong, the track is considered by most to be a Southern classic because it was the first time the sample loop had ever been used. When you think about it, genre-wise it’s even ahead of it’s time period and it’s region. Plus Ghetto Mafia can also lay claim to being some of the predecessors to what we classify as “Down South” Hip-Hop these days.

For me though, the simplistic hook and the lyrics from Wicked & Nino…well they just left a lot to be desired in respect to the greatness they were sampling. And yes we know Biggie used it too and much better for “My Downfall” feat. DMC from his “Life After Death” double disc but didn’t you get more edutainment from the other song?

Ok…enough music history for this week. Join TSR next week for another installment of Music Nerd OSF. Don’t forget to check the OSF page for more details, the official rules and how you too can get involved or you can always give @Marvalus a shout on Twitter and check her blog here for the same.


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  1. 02/27/2010 10:55

    Nothing like some Al Green think I will have to bust out my greatest hit cd. My kids are gonna to have a fit.


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