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Good Music 4 The FREE | Mp3 Hoarders Edition


FREE .99 music downloads for you. Some we just got, some we’ve sat on for a little while now but either way all the links work and you’re only a click away from great tunes…

Got a Gmail from Rafiya asking us to check out her new EP, “Amazing” and her Bookface page. We listened and were instantly intrigued by her accent as well as her music. We also featured it on our homepage for a while last month but felt her music was great and warranted a little more. Plus we’re suckers for pretty women that sing too…
If your into artists with heritage other than American (like say Ayo, whom we also love), singing sweetly about love, life, relationships and can also do it in their native tongue as well as yours, read more about her here and check the beautiful visuals she created for the title track as well!

Download: Rafiya “Amazing” EP


Around that same time I started following Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart on Bookface and Twitter. I’ve always liked her work with or without Marsha (we’ll talk about her new EP in a few), so I responded when she put out a request for email’s on her FB status. Later that day and for a week afterwards she sent out emails with attachments of different tracks from her newest spoken word effort entitled “Spoken Transitions“. I’ve pulled these tracks out a few times in past month get past some things but I keep coming back to this one
The Floacist – “All Healing Is Possible

In her emails, she expressly wrote for all who receive it to share them with other people, I decided to do just that by zipping them all along with a copy/paste of each email she sent so you may enjoy it as well.

Download: The Floacist “Spoken Transitions”.zip


Teedra Moses has always been a fave around TSR. Her Complex Simplicity LP stays on repeat, as is shows she has an incredible voice and her songwriting/structuring skills are some of the best known/unknown in the music biz. Plus, like Rafiya, she’s not hard on our eyes either. She recently dropped her newest compilation via Twitter and after we retweeted RT‘d it several times to our followers, we made sure to point our browsers to her site and got our copy too.
Two words: Instant Gratification. But by all means listen for yourself.
Teedra Moses – “Winter 96

Don’t let the word “compilation” fool you either because this playlist sounds like it’s a finished LP, ready for mass production and its rightful place on your local music vendors shelves.

Side Note: Password for this download is rasntaj

Download: Teedra Moses “Royal Patience” (a love journey)


The homie Ken Ross sent over links to his new FreEP a couple weeks ago. I’ve been jammin’ to it since. It’s even on TSR’s homepage as well and to quote myself, it really does have a laid back appeal to it on a Nicolay x Flying Lotus vibe. Ross plays the majority of the instruments on this EP, save for two tracks. Plus he ain’t too shabby on the vocals either. Some songs I dig more than others like
Ken Ross – “All I Need feat. Annie Rago

but for the most part it’s a well-rounded effort. Hit up his blog for his thoughts, his site for more info and make sure to click the link below for the musical goods.

Download: Ken Ross “Zzzz…” EP

Next on the menu is a lovely EP from Marsha Ambrosius that she shared via Twitter as well. Seems that Miss Ambros has been freed from the chains of Aftermath and is now signed with J Records. So we’ll be seeing her Late Nights & Early Mornings LP very soon. Which is great when considering Dr. Dre’s track record so far for releasing Detox, it’s probably safe to say it could have easily been 2kNever before it actually saw the light of day. Her EP is only 8 tracks deep but if this
Marsha Ambrosius – “Let Me Go

is a taste of what the finished product will sound like, I think we’ll all be happy. Now, if we could just get a Floetry reunion. Blame Shake @ 2DopeBoyz for the nice artwork too…

Download: Marsha Ambrosius – “Yours Sincerely” EP”

Russell Taylor is a musician I wasn’t familiar with until my Twitter Sis @Soulafrodisiac sent me a Gmail about his work. She’s normally right about her music which is why we get along famously. This time was no exception. Let me share her words with you about Taylor, for she’s far better at this blogging thing than I…
[via Soulafrodisiac]
Russell Taylor is a name synonymous with powerful range and energetic flair. However, lately that voice has been absent on the music scene since the release of his sophomore album “Confessional” in September of ’09. Taylor is now back and ready to achieve new highs with his LP’s re-release set for February, with the tell all, melodious  second single
Russell Taylor – “Press Pause

and it’s black and white, simplistic yet striking video directed by Dominga Martin. Revitalized, exhilarated and wholeheartedly committed, Russell Taylor is back – with a vengeance.

As you can see, she’s a fan of RT and after one listen TSR is mos def diggin’ the single too. So we’ll have to make sure we pick up a copy of this LP now and make sure you do the same over at his iTunes page.
Side Note: Sorry folks, Taylor requested no freebies with this one and we always respect the artist’s wishes for their work. Hey, it can’t all be FREE…

Last but most certainly not the least, is an EP from another newcomer to the music game by the name of Durand Bernarr, or is it Bernarr Durand? Either way, I came across his music via our friends BamaLoveSoul. They were giving him and his new EP, “8ight | The Stepson of Erykah Badu” some pretty lofty praise and since I always trust their musical judgement, I checked out his bandcamp page for the download and his Twitter for some insight into his mind state. Still not sure about the mind state part or that penciled in mustache but the music and his mastery of his voice more than make up for those observations.
What Bernarr has crafted for this EP is nothing short of brilliant IMHO. He’s taken hooks and bridges from some of Ms. Badu‘s most recognizable work, industry tracks from heavyweights  such as J. Dilla & Nicolay, snippets and smatterings of other hooks from other popular soul music ranging from Mtume, Bilal Oliver and even Lauryn Hill to expertly re-fashion them into new tracks for his Bilal/Prince-esque falsetto to croon over. Take
Durand Bernarr – “EnPhatuation(s)

You can’t really help but dig that, can you? Plus @fatbellybella is co-signing him.  Want a copy? Well, here ya go…

Download: Durand Bernarr  – “8ight | The Stepson of Erykah Badu”
Side Note: It seems that he has another FREE .99 mixtape on his bandcamp page as well. Might as well grab that one too while your there. We just did.

Bonus: Can’t forget the homie Trey Eley of The Jazz Boyz dropped off this impromptu they did with Maysa recently.
Maysa & The Jazz Boyz  –  “Jazz ImproviZations 101

Double Bonus: Also can’t forget that my other homie Everett James blessed us with a new track as well. Check the bassline for his brand of Super Heavy Funk.
Everett James – “One & Only


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    digging — especially durrand bernarr

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