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OSF: The Kind Of Music I Like


Happy OSF!!

We’re back with this week’s theme, “The Kind Of Music I Like” and this one is opening a serious can of worms. Got to thinking about it and I have to admit, I really like obscure “One Hit Wonder” kinds of tracks…. You know, those songs that you may have heard before but you just can’t remember the name of the artist (s) or the track is so old you may have never of heard it but enough someone’s somewhere else did hear it enough to garner it a type of quirky “Hit Song” status. Well, these are the type of songs that, for some odd reason, I am obsessed with and I’m not ashamed to admit it either.
I’m normally the person that hears the song while around a group of people and says;

“Awww Man! This was my joint back in the day!

While everyone else in the group shakes their head in disgust and gives me the classic, side-eye “You’re kidding, right?” look,  I give a *kanyeshrug* and continue to recite the words verbatim, in conspicuous auditory glee. I honestly could care less that these types of songs playing in social settings officially turn me into….THAT GUY.

Why you may ask? Well, while I will agree that some of these songs were/are actually pretty terrible, if you consider today’s “Mainstream Media Hits“, these selections would either fit right in or (IMHO) be waaaaay better. Consider:

A: Kool SkoolMy Girl

Honestly, I still like this song to this day and made a point of searching it out on the Internets recently, just so I could archive a Digi Copy. Plus the video brought together all the right elements as well, from brightly colored and strangely patterned shirt and tie combos, choreographed dance routines performed during the song’s breakdown by men with asymmetrical hairstyles and those prerequisite random flashes of Skintee Women wearing as little as the early Nineties FCC would let them get away with on camera. I clearly remember purchasing the Cassette Single of it and Father MC‘s “Treat Em Like They Wanna Be Treated” featuring, a then unknown, Jodeci on one of many trips to Tape World back when I was a youngster.  I later “lost” the tape to my Uncle once he heard it and never saw it again. The same happened to my Digital Underground tape as well but that’s a story for another time.

#fathermcfact: Real name is Timothy Brown and hails from Rock Hill, SC; a suburb of Charlotte, NC , the area Jodeci is from. Tim and K-Ci were acquaintances. Once Tim left SC to persue his career and landed at Uptown Records, it was just natural progression that he would reach back and bring Jodeci along for the ride. #musicnerd

Another “One Hit Wonder” track that reminds me of those days would have to be:

B: L’TrimmCars That Go Boom

Ok…maybe I really shouldn’t still like this song but I can’t help it, it’s just too campy not to like. Especially when you peep the Material Girl gear they were rocking. I wonder if Madonna really has a clue of how much she influenced fashion in black communities back then? Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for Miami Bass music since way back in Jr. High and despite the wackness of their lyrics

they were cute to my then adolescent mind, as girl groups go.

My apologies in advance but I’m going to have to break form when it comes to the rules for OSF this time around. This last track is just to good to not post as well.

Funk and Disco are two genres that I still harbor an affinity for and they both have produced some of the greatest OHW tracks. Ever. Like this one:

Alicia BridgesI Love the Nightlife [Disco ‘Round]

I don’t think I’ll ever not like this song. Could it be that she’s also from North Carolina? An accomplished DJ & Producer still making music? Or am I just mesmerized by the visual overload to my retinas caused by attempting to process the Disco lights reflecting off the Gold Lamé suit, combined with the Buzzcut and her Off-Beat gyrations? Maybe it’s that uncanny Dwanye Johnson-ish raising of the one eyebrow while she sings, that wouldn’t be so pronounced if the camera wasn’t so far up her nose? Ah well, despite the video being equivalent to watching a train wreck, the song still has a vintage sound to it that is just hard to duplicate.

Bonus: Here’s a FREE . 99 download for you of another one of my favorite OHW tracks from a little known artist by the name of Smoove.
His “Smoove with a Ruffness” LP was distributed on East/West Records, which has since merged with Atlantic and now caters only to Rock music, when at one point in its past touted EnVouge, Das EFX, MC Lyte, Gerald LeVert and even ODB on its roster. Go figure…
This little track was unfortunately the ONLY song worth listening to on the entire LP but of course I found a Digi copy of it as well for umm..arc…archiving purposes…yeah…

Smoove – “All About Her

As always, check the OSF page for more details, the official rules and how you too can get involved or you can always give @Marvalus a shout on Twitter and check her blog here for the same.


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