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Never Left The Storage Card


New_Year 2011Here we are at the close of another year and if you’ve been keeping your ears open then you know that 2010 was a banner year for “GOOD” music. Around this time of year, within the blogging circles, an interesting phenomenon begins to arise, commonly referred to as”Best of Lists“. Writers concern themselves with making sure you’re aware of what they deem are the best showings of the year. They then take these notions and compile them into a reasonably readable formatting, complete with a numbered scale of some sort as a gauge/guide that is then listed in a countdown fashion from highest to lowest until something or someone is named “Numero Uno” for the year.

Well…if you’ve been reading TSR for any length of time, you’ll probably note that in our entire three years of blogging, we’ve never written one.Why? Well for one, we’re just plain lazy about posting this time of year. For two, there are so many other blogs and sites that create them that we just felt like ours would get lost in the mix and for three, I’d rather not pigeonhole myself into making such a profound statement as “Such & Such had the best blah, blah, blah yakkety smakkety of the entire year“.

But I’ve recently been informed that maybe creating a list of some type would be in order and good for readership purposes, so ok…fine, we’ll put one together for the people but in true TSR fashion…on our own terms.

With all that said, TSR presents to you our:

Top Tracks For 2010″


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We switched phones an unprecedented (for us at least) three times this year. So after our upgrade from one Windows Mobile phone to another Windows Mobile handsetand then the great migration to a superior Android Phone, these were the tracks that were mainstays throughout those transactions. I had any and all manner of LPs and single tracks that I was perusing for writing about this year on my microSD cards and when I was done listening to and writing about it all, most albums and tracks were WinZipped, then WinRar’ed and uploaded To The Cloud” for safe keeping. All other musical fodder met a swift digital demise within the electronic “File 13“.

But these tracks, while also copied and stored as well, are the ones with staying power. With every mass data transfer, these 18 songs ALWAYS ended up being spared from deletion as I just couldn’t bear to be without digitals of them to pull up and play during my commute.
As you scan the tracklisting, some artists are household names, some we’ve talked about this year and of course there will be those that you’ve never heard of before.
We wouldn’t steer you wrong so look past all that, open your ears and juslisen. We’ve even compiled them into a just long enough to fit on a blank CD mix, perfect for the ride back home after spending out to get in a party and drinking too much this NYE.

01. Erykah Badu – Love
02. Zo! – Greater Than The Sun feat. Phonte
03. Cee-Lo Green – Fool For You feat. Philip Bailey
04. Adrienne Mack-Davis – Let Go
05. Calvin Richardson – You’re So Amazing
06. The Foreign Exchange – Don’t Wait feat. Darien Brockington
07. Oddisee – That Day feat. Muhsinah (vivaSaƒia)
08. Tone Trezure – Love Me
09. Quadron – Average Fruit
10. Bilal – Free
11. Pauline Croze – Sur l’écorce
12. Faith Evans – Way You Move feat. Snoop Dogg
13. Mark Clive de Lowe – Hope feat. Rahel
14. The Roots – The Day feat. Blu & Phonte
15. N’Dambi – L.I.E.
16. Natalie Gardiner – Can’t Quit You Now
17. Cee-Lo Green – Is It
18. The Robert Glasper Experiment – All Matter feat. Bilal

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