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Of Blogs, Babies and Goodbyes


Dear TSR Readers

Dear TSR readers,

Hi there. How’s it going? Really? You don’t say?! Well, that’s just great! Hope all that stuff works out for you, really. #kthnxbye

Ok…I admit it. I’m not a professional at making small talk. I’m too introverted to be very good at it, mundane chatter about nothing simply bores me and above all, I have other things to attend to these days. I do better at broaching subjects in a more “Big Picture” approach. So please allow be upfront and honest about the nature of this post.

I’m placing these lines of type in an orderly fashion to make words that string together into semi-coherent sentences and thoughts to let you know that I’m fully aware of how very neglectful of you I’ve been the first and second quarters of this year.

I know, I know. I don’t call, I don’t write. I do still sporadically post at random on Twitter & Bookface if you’ve really been checking but for all intents and purposes, this blog is being placed on the back burner, indefinitely.

Even though I continue to be amazed by the steadily increasing amount of people who drop by this dusty corner of the internet in search for GOOD music, after this post, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any new content. Be it a regular visitor checking for a spark of life to magically appear in the form of a new post above the last one, a wandering passerby that happened to randomly click this link in a search result or someone directed here by an email, IM, affiliated site, a post at another blog or site we’ve commented on, etc., please believe that it does not go unnoticed, uncounted or unappreciated. I see the stats and the reflected spikes in activity everyday but alas, it does not change the outcome of the future.

So it is with heavy heart that I type the next set of lines.

TSR has become a luxury that I cannot afford anymore.

I’m not speaking of fiscal funding here, as TSR has always been free-hosted at It didn’t cost me a dime to register, nor was a single cent spent on reaching out to other bloggers/writers/artists/DJ’s for support and insight and of course music. In fact the only real bills I’ve incurred over the last three years regarding it are to my ISP and Mr. Sandman, as I still owe him 40+ winks for each and every post, mix, compilation and uploaded mp3 between these headers.

The real commodity that I’m speaking of here is the one that all living on this swirl of a world receive a portion of, yet it is utterly irreplaceable once it has passed. It is of greater importance to me now than it has ever been in my life as I’m seeing the value of it more these days.

The non-renewable resource I speak of is Time.

This isn’t to say that TSR has been a waste of it. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, the time I’ve spent on this blog has been one of the greatest ventures in my life and has afforded me a small, comfortable respite from the hectic day to day activities I handle. But with any great venture or undertaking, time must be taken to step back, reassess things at hand and strike at life again with renewed vision.

So I took a hiatus. I didn’t put out any real word to anyone about it, though I made mention to a very small handful of acquaintances and didn’t post anything about it here until I was well into my break. I took the time to reflect on my writing and how what started as a group effort ended up becoming the solo venture it turned into. I took stock of all the social media I’d connected here, the various people who I’ve linked to through the love of music and the incredible artists I’ve discovered and on occasion spoken with.

Also since taking the hiatus earlier this year, outside of hoarding all the newest mp3’s I could fit into the HDD that constantly seem to spill out into the public domain on the daily, to TSR‘s credit, I have been trying to keep you all appeased with continuing the “Would You Like To Try A Sample?” and the “ArrenBee” Series because I did feel a smidgen of guilt for leaving for so long without any kind of real declaration of why.

But none of the myriad of reasons I could give for posting next to nothing this year will supersede the fact that I’ve spent the majority of the downtime gearing up for event that took place at 10:47 PM on June 3rd.

Zoe MilaYou might recall that Wifey and I saw our first attempt at creating a miracle, touch down on earth and then depart it all in the same breath back in February 2010.

Makayla‘s early delivery and swift departure stung for a great while but it didn’t discourage us from attempting to create a new life again. With the help of family, friends, a great group of Medical professionals and almost nine months of strict bed rest, the sweet little person you’re seeing above is finally here. Just four days old in this candid and six days at the time of my writing this, Ms. Zoe Mila is a living, breathing testament to the meanings of her carefully chosen name.

Though we already have two older daughters, it’s becoming apparent to me that coupled with rearing them and Zoe, my priorities are once again changing. Which they should when a responsible adult is given a welcome and much wanted blessing.

Continuing to write this blog on the solo tip just isn’t conducive to my goals at this stage of my life. It’s unfortunate but inevitable. Plus I did put out a clarion call for assistance with all the aspects of keeping TSR going that, save for one person, went largely unheeded.

So, after much consideration, I will be closing the virtual doors of this blog.

Maybe once I get into a different rhythm, I’ll step back into my role here. #nopromises

Of course I will still allow it to exist as an outpost for GOOD music, for as you may well know, TSR started as a repository for music that has been sampled and so it shall remain. The ShareDrivez are still intact and functional, so if you are looking for old school resource tracks, you will still find them there.  The Bookface & Twitter pages will stay active and I may from time to time post something of interest there, as it’s easier to micro-blog these days. The search field on the blog will still function, so you’re more than welcome to comb through any and all posts here. The links on the Mixez & Podcastz page will remain intact, just in case you need a quick mix for a party or function this summer to keep the groove alive. Who knows, I may even do a few more mixes and sample compilations in the future, if time permits. #stillnopromises All the links to other affiliated profiles and pages will be available as well.

If you’d still like to send music for me to listen to, you’re more than welcome to do so on the Contact page. But again, #nopromises that you’ll hear back from me about it. Unless your tracks are just #thatgood

For all of my #usualsuspects in the blogging community, I tip my hat to you. Thanks for welcoming me with open e-arms, answering my endless inane questions and most of all, allowing me to find my place be great in my way. I sincerely hope you keep up the fight to bring quality music and writing to the masses that still sorely need your voices to help shed light on those efforts.

To the Artists, DJ’s, Promoters & Tastemakers that I’ve built good friend/relationships with, I thank you for allowing us access to your work, insights and connections. For being responsive to our meager requests for interviews, exclusives, etc. but especially for playing a part, be it big or small for betterment of this thing we all love called music.

In regards to the faithful readership and the passersby, I thank you for allowing my words, short and to the point or long-winded and overreaching, into y our eyes, past your medulla and hopefully into your heart. I highly suggest you check the blogroll for other blogs and sites to fulfill your music needs going forward.

I surely will be checking them myself, as I still have a need to know whats going on in the music industry. I’m just opting out on the need to communicate it to others and replacing it with more important things.

Like nap time…

Little Zoe Sleepyhead


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  1. 06/09/2011 20:32

    Of course it’s no pleasure to see you leave, she is beautiful! Your girls need your time and the music will be here. Many thanks for what you’ve done to help me and my music. And I hope to slap you five in the outside world someday. Take good care, brother.

  2. 06/10/2011 02:51

    ~~> here <~~ with you on the blogosphere-social media-not really trying to think about staying current-tip when life takes your mind away

    may god bless your family, now and forever

    much love

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