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This is an Archive for the “Know Da Ledge” segments on “Drop Beats Not Bombs” streaming live every Monday Night between 8 – 10 with a replay every Saturday Night between 8 – 10 on WPVM .

The show’s purpose is to bring to light the underground and conscious Hip-Hop, not only in America but other countries as well like Japan, New Zealand, France, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, Mexico, Sudan, Jamaica, Samoa, Niue, The Netherlands and beyond in their effort to give listeners a broader view of how the genre has sprouted roots worldwide.

It’s hosted by my friends Molly and Lucia and every week, I call in for some “help out like shout” with hosting the “Know Da Ledge” segment. During the segment we play a snippet of classic song from an artist and then identify the Hip-Hop song (group) that sampled from it.

If you ever miss a show and want to listen to the original that was played and the song that was sampled for it that week, just drop by here and check any of them out. Oh and make sure to check out DBNB‘s Facebook group page here too!

Know Da Ledge on Drop Beats not Bombs

Week 1: Aretha Franklin & Mos Def

Listen & Download:

Aretha Franklin –One Step Ahead

Mos Def – “Ms. Fat Booty

Week 2: Grant Green & A Tribe Called Quest

Listen & Download:

Grant Green – “Down Here On The Ground” feat. Dianne Reeves

A Tribe Called Quest – “Vibes & Stuff

Week 3: Richard Evans & Rah Digga

Listen & Download:

Richard Evans – “Patutu

Rah Digga – “Tight

Week 4: Parliament & Sweet Tee

Listen & Download:

Parliament – “Mothership Connection” (Star Child)

Sweet Tee – “On The Smooth Tip

Week 5: Ferrante & Teicher & Talib Kweli; Bahamadia & Hi-Tek

Listen & Download:

Ferrante & Teicher – “Jeremy

Talib Kweli & Bahamadia – “Chaos

Week 6: Billy Stewart & Jay Electronica

Listen & Download:

Billy Stewart – “Cross My Heart

Jay Electronica – “Exhibit C

Week 7: Billy Brooks & A Tribe Called Quest

Listen & Download:

Billy Brooks – “Forty Days

A Tribe Called Quest – “Luck Of Lucien

Week 8: Jerry Butler, DJ Honda & Mos Def

Listen & Download:

Jerry Butler – “Whatever’s Fair

DJ Honda – “Travellin’ Man

Week 9: Ronald Isley & The Isley Brothers & Biggie Smalls

Listen & Download:

Ronald Isley & The Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets“:

Biggie Smalls – “Big Poppa“:

Week 10: Gary Bartz & A Tribe Called Quest

Listen & Download:

Gary Bartz – “Gentle Smiles“:

A Tribe Called Quest – “Butter“:

Week 11: Sting & Nas

Listen & Download:

Sting – “Shape Of My Heart“:

Nas – “The Message“:

Week 12: The Spinners & Lupe Fiasco

Listen & Download:

The Spinners – (Do It, Do It) No One Does It Better“:

Lupe Fiasco – “Theme Music To A Drive-By“:

Week 13: The Family Stand & Common

Listen & Download:

The Family Stand – “Ghetto Heaven“:

Common – “Geto Heaven” feat. D’Angelo:

Week 14: Rene & Angela & Jay-Z

Listen & Download:

Rene & Angela – “Imaginary Playmates“:

Jay-Z – “Imaginary Players“:

Week 15: Eddie Kendricks & Mr. Cheeks

Listen & Download:

Eddie Kendricks – “Keep On Trucking

Mr. Cheeks – “Lights, Camera, Action!

Week 16: The Meters & Amerie

Listen & Download:

The Meters – “Oh, Calcutta!

Amerie – “1 Thing

Week 17: Curtis Mayfield & Mary J. Blige

Listen & Download:

Curtis Mayfield – “Give Me Your Love

Mary J. Blige – “I’m The Only Woman

Week 18: Joe Simon & Outkast

Listen & Download:

Joe Simon – “Before The Night Is Over

Outkast – “So Fresh, So Clean


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