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Telling people about GOOD music is still my passion and while I don't have time to run this entire blog anymore with all the behind the scenes aspects of it, I am still writing if you're still interested in reading. You can find me these days over at BamaLoveSoul >>

Never Left The Storage Card


New_Year 2011Here we are at the close of another year and if you’ve been keeping your ears open then you know that 2010 was a banner year for “GOOD” music. Around this time of year, within the blogging circles, an interesting phenomenon begins to arise, commonly referred to as”Best of Lists“. Writers concern themselves with making sure you’re aware of what they deem are the best showings of the year. They then take these notions and compile them into a reasonably readable formatting, complete with a numbered scale of some sort as a gauge/guide that is then listed in a countdown fashion from highest to lowest until something or someone is named “Numero Uno” for the year.

Well…if you’ve been reading TSR for any length of time, you’ll probably note that in our entire three years of blogging, we’ve never written one. Read more…


#murriecrimmus from TSR



Here’s hoping you and yours are enjoying the Holidays…

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Afromantically Inclined


There is this awesome thing that women can do. Well..maybe I shouldn’t call it a thing. Perhaps, a..umm…talent? Yes, that sounds better. There is an awesome talent that women possess. I call it the “Feminine Duality Reverse Dichotomy”. Women just out-and-out have an uncanny ability to be feminine, graceful and sensuous; yet just as lusty, virile and powerful as any of their male counterparts. All at the same time. And woe be unto those, male or female, that cause a woman to use this powerful ability in a vengeful, spiteful manner as retaliation for their callous actions. It is one of the greatest and oldest mysteries known in this life. How can two exact opposites be embodied within one space and not spontaneously combust, taking half a city block along with it?  Read more…

Good Music For The Free | Bandcamp Edition


Back again for another roundup of musical finds worth listening to and even allowing to take up precious space on your hard drive. This time around, TSR is taking a look at some FREE. 99 Albums, EP’s and Singles we’ve found on Bandcamp.

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A Dish Best Served Eclectic…


When one is blessed with a vocal instrument of this magnitude, that yearns to be released into the world “By Any Means Necessary” (hence the new LP’s cover / Malcolm X homage), it cannot be contained within the limiting confines of a traditional music thesis.

No, talent of this measure needs room to expand, breathe even. It craves vast expanses of unhindered audio to romp around in, intentionally stepping on the toes of those not smart enough to move when it was first spotted heading in their general direction. A voice of this kind can and will burn the insignificant with its radiance like a bad little kid with a magnifying glass, a blazing sun at it’s back, an ant hill in front and nothing more constructive to do.

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A Negro Jig Of The Genuine Kind


String Band circa 1900

I am in no way, shape or form a stranger to Bluegrass Music. When your upbringing places you smack dab in the very heart of Western North Carolina; Asheville to be exact, you become more than aware of Bluegrass at a very early age.
Now before you click the other tab and go back to Bookface, Twitter or that new prOn site you just found, give eyes and ears to what I’m about to lay down for you…

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Good Music 4 The Low-Low | Economical Edition


In today’s world of financial stress, the last thing in the world a true music lover really wants is to plunk down their hard-earned dinero for an LP that turns out later to have a “Bad Ratio“. Read more…