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Telling people about GOOD music is still my passion and while I don't have time to run this entire blog anymore with all the behind the scenes aspects of it, I am still writing if you're still interested in reading. You can find me these days over at BamaLoveSoul >>

Of Blogs, Babies and Goodbyes


Dear TSR Readers

Dear TSR readers,

Hi there. How’s it going? Really? You don’t say?! Well, that’s just great! Hope all that stuff works out for you, really. #kthnxbye Read more…

Return 2 Innocence Lost



Slowly I return from hiatus. Not completely there yet but the incessant need to hunt/peck/hammer away at the keyboard has nagged me long enough. I shall be brief as I still am not officially back yet, but I couldn’t let another hour go by without addressing this for my sanity.

I went back in the archives the other day. Pulled out a tried and true LP from The Roots, which was named after a very powerful book I just re-read, about societal downfall, due to unneeded colonization.

You might have heard of it…

Read more…

Would You Like To Try A Sample? Volume Three + Sample Supplements Vol. 2



No long and drawn out explanations this time around, nor am I officially back from my unofficially announced blog-cation. #letstalkaboutthatlater Read more…

Would You Like To Try A Sample? Volume 2 [DJ PHAZE Mix]



Here we are…back again, with another incredible mix of source tracks.  Read more…

Would You Like To Try A Sample? x Sample Supplements Vol 1



It’s common knowledge that we love Original Samples at TSR and since our first post three years ago, we’ve been amassing quite a collection of them, listening to them on a continual basis, analyzing the many layers of harmonies, bass lines and vocal ranges that you can only get from music of an era gone past.
Read more…

TSR Is Looking For A Few Good Writers


TSR is in a transitional phase for 2011 and during this time, we are looking to expand and grow to accommodate our increasing readership for this year and beyond. So in that interest, we are looking to bring in a few great writers to help us keep our blog relevant.

If you have a strong passion for writing, an equally robust affinity for music and the level of time and dedication it takes to being a part of the TSR team, please email us your letter of intent, as we’d love to speak with you. Read more…

DJ Diva + TSR Present | Best Of 2010 Mix



I recently G-chatted with the one and only Mixtress of R&B a little while ago. She was wanting to know if I’d like to share one of her great mixes with TSR’s readership. Now, I couldn’t very well contact you all and ask you personally but I’m pretty sure you’d want it.

So on your behalf, I quickly and happily accepted. Read more…