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DJ Diva + TSR Present | Best Of 2010 Mix



I recently G-chatted with the one and only Mixtress of R&B a little while ago. She was wanting to know if I’d like to share one of her great mixes with TSR’s readership. Now, I couldn’t very well contact you all and ask you personally but I’m pretty sure you’d want it.

So on your behalf, I quickly and happily accepted.

Diva shot the links over and I checked it out all while typing this up and throwing together a quick artwork for the files. The entire mix is compiled of all the tracks from last year that made the majority of the noise in the nighttime meeting places and venues as well as just plain smash hits. Now you know full well, I don’t normally cater to commercial anything but this mix has a good bit of tracks that got heavy rotation that I did actually enjoy whenever the rare chance a terrestrial radio station was playing within earshot.

Plus it’s a DJ Diva mix!! And with her being “Your favorite blogger’s favorite DJ“, and well known for her Monday Mixtape series in addition to recently being featured on SOULBOUNCE as their first female Mixologist, how could I pass this up?

In true DJ Diva fashion, she has provided links to a Lo-Fi version that while is FREE.99 and sounds dayum good, won’t make your speakers thump as much as the Hi-Fi version we’ll be hosting on Bandcamp for a penny short of a whole dollar.

Considering the economy, that’s not a bad deal. Plus if you were to buy all these tracks separately, in CD Quality and on the iTunes, it would run you $26 but hey, we’ll let you do your own math.

So hit the following links, get to downloading and enjoy the mix as a nice way to say goodbye to the great music of 2010 and hello to what’s in store musically for 2011.


Hi-Fi Download | Lo-Fi Download



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