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TSR Is Looking For A Few Good Writers


TSR is in a transitional phase for 2011 and during this time, we are looking to expand and grow to accommodate our increasing readership for this year and beyond. So in that interest, we are looking to bring in a few great writers to help us keep our blog relevant.

If you have a strong passion for writing, an equally robust affinity for music and the level of time and dedication it takes to being a part of the TSR team, please email us your letter of intent, as we’d love to speak with you.

Your correspondence should include a link to your blog [if you have one], the names of your favorite artists or groups [i.e. Mainstream, Independent, Underground & Overseas] and what you currently have in constant rotation.

To get your email started, here are a few TSR Contributor Criteria you should bear in mind.

  • Knowledge of The SoulReservoir , the type of posts we write and the kinds of music that we attempt to make our readership aware of.  Already having or writing for a music blog is a plus.
  • A love for, or at the very least, a respect for original samples. Active source track hunting and hoarding is a plus.
  • A desire to bring little known, under the radar and of course talented artists to light through the written word.
  • The ability to add a relevant update to TSR two to three times a month.
  • Some basic knowledge of HTML, a moderate level of familiarity with various blogging platforms and file sharing sites [FTP, Dropbox, 4Shared etc.]
  • Access to, understanding of & proper use of Social Networking Sites [Facebook, Twitter,,, Bandcamp, etc.]
  • Access to, understanding of & proper use of RSS feeds a/or readers [Google Reader] to find relevant stories, notable music, artists and related points of interest.
  • The ability to work well with others and correspond by email or phone in a timely manner.
  • The ability to thoroughly research a topic or artist [Albums, Producers, Contributors, etc.], cite sources independently, self-edit our work [Grammar & Spelling] create hyperlinks to other info on the internet within your posts for accuracy of facts and overall credibility.

It is advisable to also provide us with no less than two publishable writing samples in either MS Word or PDF format, to demonstrate your writing style so we can get a better feel for how your work would fit in around these headers.
Once you’ve gathered your thoughts, send all the requested information to thesoulreservoir (at) and once we receive it, we’ll begin the looking through it in our search for some great contributors.


Side Note: This clarion call isn’t limited to just writers either. TSR is willing to consider anyone who has talents that need a constructive outlet. If you are a Graphic Designer or Photoshop Wizard, a DJ or Podcaster [established or up and coming], an HTML Guru or skilled at coding CSS, a Photographer [established or up and coming] etc. you are more than welcome to submit us your info within the criteria listed above that can apply to your skill set.  



Thanks for reading TSR and we humbly await your submissions.


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