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Would You Like To Try A Sample? x Sample Supplements Vol 1



It’s common knowledge that we love Original Samples at TSR and since our first post three years ago, we’ve been amassing quite a collection of them, listening to them on a continual basis, analyzing the many layers of harmonies, bass lines and vocal ranges that you can only get from music of an era gone past.

In tribute, here is our first installment of 30 original tracks that we just couldn’t do without. We took a few moments to compile what we think are some of the best and most instantly recognizable original samples to date. We know that most #sampleheads will know and even already have copies of these tracks but for those that aren’t aware or are just getting into diggin’ through the crates, this collection should be a good staring point to cultivating your passion.

Some of these tracks have been used numerous times and all with great effect, some only used once or twice but we hope you’ll agree that they all sound as good and relevant today as they did when they first debuted.

For the experienced #samplehunters with OCD, all the ID3 Tags have been edited to reflect the correct information such as Artists Name, LP the track comes from, the LP release date and the track that used the sample best (In Our Honest Opinion of course), just as you’d expect from TSR. For the novices, this information will come in handy for you to know and be able to recite on demand.

Hit the link, get these #classics and stay tuned for Volume 2 which will feature even more source tracks and obscure rarities.

Download: @ Bandcamp or Hotfile


Side Note: Was recently told by the homie Sinuendo that making the tracks that were crafted from these originals may be a good thing for people to have as well, so we got to work on that project too. Don’t say we don’t look out for you!

Download @ Hulkshare


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  1. 01/25/2011 14:50

    niiiiiiice work. as usual.

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