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Would You Like To Try A Sample? Volume 2 [DJ PHAZE Mix]



Here we are…back again, with another incredible mix of source tracks. 

A while back my Twit Sis @SoulAfrodisiac hit me on Gchat. We convo’d for a tad about music and blogging of course but towards the middle, she asked me what I had been working on lately. I responded that we’ve got some things we’re working on but most of my focus has been on gearing up to release a few compilations of source tracks to help familiarize some of our readership with one of the main reasons TSR was started…sampling. I also remember mentioning that I wished I had the skills to make them into proper mixes.

I mean, Volume Uno of this series was well received at our Bandcamp page, despite it just being the tracks themselves, but this time around we really wanted a proper DJ to put it all together for us.

We stick to our strengths…like listening to and writing about music, cause the last thing you want us to do is try to mix and blend music. It just wouldn’t be a joyful noise.

Moving on…

She asked me if I was familiar with a DJ by the name of PHAZE. A quick flip through the mental archive assured me that I was, as I’d downloaded both of his Jill Scott Jawns from SOULBOUNCE and had heard a few of his other mixes at Grown Folks Music and his PHAZECAST site, so the answer was undoubtedly yes. We chatted some more, said our goodbyes and she ended with telling me she’d talk at me soon. I went back to my normal blipping and tweeting, plus plotting and planning of artists to write about.

Next thing I know, she sends me a Gmail e-introducing me to DJ PHAZE. Down to earth brother that he is, we conversed about of course music and samples but also life in general.

So..after some emails, Tweets, Bookfacing & Skyping between here and Germany (cause I’m not paying that kind of a long distance bill), TSR is proud to bring you WYLTTAS Volume Two, featuring the expert craftsmanship of the one and only DJ PHAZE.

We think you’ll appreciate this one as much as we do cause the dude went in. His smooth transitions really showcase how he went through a myriad of different songs from Billy Brooks to Melvin Bliss to a few that I still need to figure out #mydayumself, pulling this one together into an ultra tight mix.

But instead of beatin’ you in the head with our description, listen for yourself at our finally being used, cause we’ve had it forever and done nothing with it until now, SoundCloud page…

And for those that love to hoard these kinds of goodies to your already out of room Hard Drives…

Download @ Hulkshare

#majorprops again to PHAZE for making this happen from the other side of the globe!


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