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Would You Like To Try A Sample? Volume Three + Sample Supplements Vol. 2



No long and drawn out explanations this time around, nor am I officially back from my unofficially announced blog-cation. #letstalkaboutthatlater

Lets just say, during my absence, I’ve been staying busy by coming to terms with my addiction. I can now freely admit to being a #musicfiend, a #samplehead and having a compelling urge to put these types of compilations together.

Nuff said…hit the links below and enjoy!




Seems that I’m also running out of FREE swipes at Bandcamp. Which is a good thing, I guess. Must mean people are diggin’ what I’m layin’ down round here. Anyway…down to just 150 left. After that, BC will re-up the count to 200 but only once a month.

So I’ll place this conveniently handy >> [Alt. Link] << right here. So you can still get the goods…

Oh..and for those that want to further explore how these source tracks were used in later musical works, I put this together for you as well..




Cover kinda makes a statement huh? #ithoughtsotoo







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